Innovus Pharmaceuticals Announces Successful Top Line Clinical Results From Sensum+(R) in Diabetic and Non-Diabetic Circumcised Men With Low Penile Sensitivity

Results Reported Show Close to 200% Increase in Penile Sensitivity

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwired - Nov 19, 2015) - Innovus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ("Innovus Pharma" or the "Company") (OTCQB: INNV), a company focusing on the commercialization of over-the-counter ("OTC") and consumer products for men's and women's health, vitality and respiratory diseases, today announced the Company's top line results from its Sensum+® human survey use clinical trial in circumcised men with low penile sensitivity.

Results from the study showed statistically significant increase in all endpoints measured including:

1. 197% in penile sensitivity 
2. 60% reduction in time for Masturbation Ejaculatory Latency Time (MELT) in diabetic men 
3. Over 300% increase in satisfaction 
4. Close to 275% increase in Partner's Satisfaction

Endpoint   Baseline   Sensum+®   P Value
Penile Sensitivity   2.571 ± 0.3431, N=14   5.071 ± 0.3847, N=14   < 0.0001
Masturbation Ejaculatory Latency Time (MELT, seconds); Mixed   1408 ± 117.3 N=6   946.8 ± 114.1 N=6   0.0182
Masturbation Ejaculatory Latency Time (MELT, seconds); Diabetic   1483 ± 167.7 N=4   986.3 ± 175.8 N=4   0.0869
Ejaculatory Time (M/IELT); Mixed   1079 ± 110.2 N=8   833.9 ± 102.8 N=8   0.1257
Sex Life Satisfaction   1.231 ± 0.1216 N=13   4.154 ± 0.2963 N=13   < 0.0001
Partner's Satisfaction   1.231 ± 0.1216 N=13   3.385 ± 0.3497 N=13   < 0.0001

About the INNV-RPS1001-M Use Survey Trial

The clinical use survey study was developed to assess the effect of Sensum+® on penile sensitivity after 3 weeks of twice daily treatment

  • Country: Mexico
  • Number of patients: 14 patients (Age: 23-69)
  • Duration: 5 weeks including 1 week of baseline survey and 1 week post treatment period (exit survey)
  • Application: To the head and shaft of the penis twice a day for 3 weeks
  • Each person received three dispensers of Sensum+® and was asked to apply 1-2 pump (~ 150 mg-300mg cream) to the head and shaft of the penis twice daily and abstain from all sexual activities during the first week of treatment.
  • Each survey included questions on previous history of reduced penile sensitivity (RPS), and the effect of Sensum+® on:
    • Penile sensitivity
    • Masturbation Ejaculatory Latency Time (MELT)
    • Intra-Vaginal Ejaculatory Latency Time (IELT)
    • Sex life satisfaction and partner's satisfaction

Pursuant to these clinical trials, the data indicate that Sensum+® was very well tolerated with no serious adverse events reported.

Sensum+® is a proprietary topical formulation specifically designed to increase penile sensitivity.

"We are thrilled about these results from the Sensum+® human use survey trial which we believe confirms that activity of the product and increase its commercial potential," said Dr. Bassam Damaj, President & CEO of the Innovus Pharma. "Reduced penile sensitivity is a major concern to men and it is estimated to affect millions around the world," continued Dr. Damaj.

About Sensum+® and Reduced Penile Sensitivity (RPS)

Sensum+® is a patented blend of essential oils and natural botanicals including rose oil, sweet almond oil, cinnamon bark oil, and other extracts. The main ingredient of Sensum+® (cinnamon oil) works by activating the Transient Receptor Potential A1 (TRPA-1) channels responsible for the heat and cold sensation of the skin and results in an increase of sensation that current users welcome and appreciate. The safety and efficacy of Sensum+® was evaluated in 2 post marketing survey studies in circumcised and non-circumcised men. A total of 382 men used Sensum+® twice daily for fourteen consecutive days followed by once daily for 8 weeks and as needed thereafter.

Reduced penile sensitivity is a major problem associated with many diseases such as hernia surgery, the use of anti-depressants, circumcision, multiple sclerosis and others. There are no approved products to treat RPS.

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