SCOTTSDALE, AZ--(Marketwired - November 25, 2015) - TrueShip ( -- the leading provider of ecommerce shipping software (ReadyShipper) and automated returns management solutions (ReadyReturns) -- has just released the Ultimate Guide to Black Friday and Cyber Monday to help retailers better prepare for the most popular and profitable online shopping days of the entire retail year.

Major think tanks are projecting that over $650 billion will be spent by Americans on holiday shopping this year. About half that money will be tendered in online transactions. If retailers are not prepared to handle the shopping rush, they could find themselves overwhelmed in the aftermath because one in three consumers will make an online return afterwards.

Emerging reports are showing that 65% of shoppers will browse for an item they want to buy online first, but then find those same items at a local store this holiday season. It's a phenomenon known as "webrooming." But few retailers are aware of how they can capitalize on this shopping behavior.

What's more, 54% of shoppers polled have said that they will find items they like at a store and then compare them to deals being offered on the same products online, ultimately making a purchase online; a trend that's being called "showrooming."

In TrueShip's Ultimate Guide to Cyber Monday and Black Friday, retailers will be apprised with a wealth of newfound information that they can use to better leverage their marketing efforts to cash in on this holiday shopping rush and shoppers' behavioral trends.

The in-depth guide culls from statistical data that goes all the way back to 2010, leading up to the present day with comparison and contrast metrics that help retailers better understand how valuable this four-day shopping rush has become in recent years .

Covered in the report is:

  • Half of holiday spending will be conducted online.
  • Shoppers will spend more than they ever have before.
  • Holiday sales will set new records in 2015.
  • 33% of holiday purchases will be returned.
  • Why online returns are still the lowest in the industry.
  • How to create an effective holiday returns policy.
  • Is Black Friday the new Cyber Monday?
  • Why apparel is the most popular item to shop for during this time.
  • Key reasons why shoppers' behavior is unpredictable.
  • Why convenience is the most important consumer metric with online holiday shopping.
  • Why brick and mortar stores are still king of the retail cash cow.
  • Why Cyber Monday sales will ultimately top Black Friday sales.
  • The importance and impact of cross-device shopping.
  • How to cash in on Webrooming trends for 2015.
  • How to cash in on Showrooming trends for 2015.
  • Cyber Monday history.
  • Illustrated infographic: "Cyber Monday Facts: 2015"

"It's shaping up to be yet another record-setting holiday shopping season. If you are not prepared, you could find yourself in an uncomfortable position come the holiday rush," explained Michael Lazar, Director of Online Marketing at TrueShip. "Make sure you are as prepared as you can be by reading our 'Ultimate Guide to Cyber Monday and Black Friday.' It contains every statistics that you'll need to be as ready as you can be this weekend."

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