LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - Nov 30, 2015) - Carl Freer (https://about.me/carlfreer), the mastermind behind the innovative Gizmondo handheld gaming platform that enabled Tiger Telematics, Inc. to reach a $2.7 billion market cap, is back on the scene lauding a re-release of his hit Gizmondo open-world shooter, "Colors." The game boasts the world's very first GPS-based, open-world, multiplayer action feature. It's due out for both iOS and Google Play platforms soon, with a to-be-announced release date.

In Colors, players are able to play in a vibrant and ever-evolving open-world that's based upon their actual GPS coordinates (when multiplayer is initiated). Colors takes players into the seedy underground of the gangland lifestyle, offering more than 15 different storylines and an estimated 10-20 hours of single player game play.

Players begin as a no-name, low-life thug, and are tasked with building up their criminal empire. This is achieved by completing missions for various gang bosses as you work your way up the criminal ladder and hierarchy. As missions are completed and cash is earned, players are able to upgrade their weaponry and expand their territory by hiring "homies" to help protect it and generate cash flow to sustain operations.

In multiplayer, Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites enable players to carve out their real-time territories. They are able to initiate gang wars with rival gangs by infiltrating their turfs and attempting to take them over.

Colors brings a scary sense of reality to what comprises the harsh gangbanger lifestyle by allowing players to actually fend for their turf in real-time, based upon their actual coordinates. By doing so, it delivers an unfettered and advanced, location-based, open-world, multiplayer gaming experience that's unlike any other.

The release dates of Colors for iOS and Google Play will be announced in the near future.

In the meanwhile, you can learn more about Carl Freer by visiting: https://about.me/carlfreer.

About Carl Freer

Carl Freer is a serial entrepreneur who is best known for his work with Tiger Telematics, Inc., where he was responsible for developing the innovative Gizmondo handheld gaming system. After helping to build Tiger Telematics to a $2.7 billion market value, Freer went on to do work for Magitech, Inc., focusing on augmented reality systems and games. Today, he works with Aluminaid, a medical device manufacturer, providing consulting and advisory services.

About Colors for iOS, Google Play

Colors is the rerelease of a popular Gizmondo game that utilizes a real-time GPS environment to enable players to enjoy an open-world game that's based upon the geography of their real-time location. It is the world's first GPS-powered, open-world shooter. Colors takes the player on an elaborate quest beginning as a small-time villain who's tasked with rising the ranks of the gangland underworld to become the ultimate gang boss. Colors lets players mark and control their gang territory and even instigate rival gang wars by using the GPS to infiltrate rivals' territories. Its re-release is pending for both iOS and Google Play.

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