Improved, Easy Access to Swiss Wealth Managers – Americans Welcome

The Swiss platform WHERE AMERICANS ARE WELCOME (WAAW) has added new features for improved, easy access to Swiss wealth managers dedicated to serving American clients.


SWITZERLAND, Nov. 30, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via PRWEB - Direct access to Swiss wealth managers registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as an investment adviser (SEC RIAs), providing compliant cross border wealth management services to Americans domiciled in the US and abroad, is now easier in the re-designed "Alphabetical" and "Regional" listings.

In addition, new features have been added to WAAW:

Events in the US and abroad – Lists when and where a Swiss wealth manager is participating in a conference or event in the United States or abroad, enabling Americans to join in.

Blogs Interviews Newsletters Reports – Direct access to various publications provided by Swiss SEC RIAs and other service providers: tax advisers, lawyers, trust advisers and more.

Cheatsheet – A helpful list of steps to "Getting started in Switzerland"

Q & A – Questions can be submitted and a qualified answer will be provided.

WAAW Travel package – Organizes a visit to Switzerland, including meetings with selected Swiss SEC RIAs and sight-seeing agenda, to get the touch and feel of Switzerland firsthand.

"If the possibilities at home have been maxed out, taking a closer look at international diversification and new investment options together with a Swiss wealth manager having a different perspective than an American adviser is in order," Anne Liebgott, CEO of WAAW says, "Together with a Swiss SEC RIA, American financial advisers can also co-counsel their clients on international opportunities and provide added value to their clients."

This year Deloitte reconfirmed Switzerland as the world's leading center for private wealth management. "In our increasingly unsafe world, Switzerland is viewed as a safer place, perhaps the safest place for ones assets," Anne says. "Americans are coming to realize that jurisdictional diversification is a prudent, forward-thinking strategy and getting started is easier than one might think. There is no need to waste time searching the Internet for the Swiss wealth managers that welcome American clients, WAAW brings them closer," she explains.

On WAAW, Doug Casey, Chairman of Casey Research states, "For a number of reasons, not very many countries still welcome Americans. Switzerland is one that does."

To assist American expats living in Switzerland, WAAW launched WHERE AMERICANS ARE WELCOME - EXPATS (WAAW-Expats) in September of this year. Now Americans living in Switzerland know where they can go to open a bank account, get a mortgage or financial advice, find a school or language lessons and more. The Business hub geared to American companies coming to Switzerland is being developed.

"WAAW-Expats has proven to be a valuable resource, not only for Americans already living in Switzerland but for those soon moving to Switzerland from the United States," Anne says.

The next platform is coming soon: WHERE AMERICANS ARE WELCOME - ASIA.

WAAW is an independent and unbiased research platform and directory based in Switzerland.

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