MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwired - Dec 3, 2015) - EchoPixel announced today that it is collaborating with HP to deliver a revolutionary new virtual reality technology called True 3D to the healthcare system. The joint hardware and software system provides users with a remarkable new way to examine and dissect educational images of patient-specific anatomy. This collaboration will provide medical facilities around the country, and the world, with the power of truly 3D visualization.

EchoPixel's True 3D is a real-time, interactive virtual reality system that leverages existing data. It lets users view and interact with images of patient tissue and organs as if they were real physical objects, in a way that is not possible with current imaging technology. The system is designed to address a pain point in imaging workflows: the cognitive challenge of interpreting three-dimensional patient anatomy from two-dimensional images displayed on a flat surface. With the True 3D system, patient anatomy is presented as a fully volumetric, interactive image in open 3D space. Unlike some kinds of virtual reality, it is non-isolating and does not require an immersive headset.

"I helped to deliver the first versions of MRI and CT scanners into hospitals, and I truly believe that virtual reality is the next revolution in medical imaging -- as do many of the incredible experts we've worked with to develop the system," said Ron Schilling, CEO of EchoPixel. "HP is a dedicated champion of innovation in healthcare and has made powerful commitments to support new technologies. Together, I believe we can deliver a tool that will transform medical imaging as we know it."

The system now available from EchoPixel pairs an HP Zvr interactive virtual reality display, powered by zSpace technology, and HP Z440 workstation with EchoPixel's software, and uses imaging data from all standard medical equipment. EchoPixel also provides expert-derived medical protocols that deliver specialized tools to assist users with step-by-step guidance in specific procedures.

"The immediate benefits of this visualization system are truly remarkable, across a range of medical fields," said Reid Oakes, Senior Director Worldwide Healthcare, HP Industry Solutions. "But what really impressed us about EchoPixel was how they worked hand-in-hand with experts to develop software that truly augmented their procedural workflow. It's really a new way to understand medical data, and for users to share, collaborate and improve their practices."

The True 3D viewer received independent FDA clearance in March of 2015. EchoPixel developed their software in conjunction with luminary sites such as Stanford, UCSF, the Cleveland Clinic and the Fogarty Institute for Innovation.

About EchoPixel
EchoPixel is building a new world of patient care with its interactive, 3D medical visualization software. The True 3D system integrates all standard DICOM imaging into one 3D entity, enabling doctors to immediately identify, evaluate and dissect clinically significant structures. In diagnostic, surgical planning and image-guided treatment applications, EchoPixel technology amplifies human expertise and improves both clinical efficacy and workflow. EchoPixel is a privately held, venture backed company located at the Fogarty Institute for Innovation in Mountain View, CA.

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