SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - December 03, 2015) - The word from travel officials representing Paris is "bienvenue!" The city that was under siege in a night of horror last month is in recovery and welcoming tourists, according to's Travel-Intel, which spoke to officials at Atout France.

"State of emergency does not mean the city has shut down. It just means there will be a few more policemen on the street and more complications at the border areas," said Atout France representative Marion Fourestier, quoted in the latest issue of Travel-Intel. France, which received some 84 million foreign visitors last year, and where the travel and tourism industry accounts for nearly 9 percent of the economy, is expected to join the leagues of London and Madrid in posting a full and speedy recovery from recent horrifying events.

Travel-Intel explores what is upcoming in Paris and in France in festivals, attractions and openings in a complement to the news on Paris' recovery. This week's issue runs a full list of events and happenings throughout the country for this year and beyond.

Also featured in this issue is the latest study on Baby Boomer travel from AARP. Surveys show this cohort of some 76 million souls born between 1946 and 1964 plans to spend more than $120 billion in the coming year on leisure travel. The report identified seven top trends in their travel wants -- including the need for plenty of Wi-Fi.

The survey is featured as one of a bounty of new stories in the latest issue of's Travel-Intel, a weekly publication sent to 103,000 travel agents and posted on

Also included in this story line-up is a look at business travel around the globe and how current economic factors in the various regions are expected to impact costs for flights, as well as accommodations and ground travel in the coming year. The article looks at the latest American Express Global Business Travel Forecast for 2016 to determine where demand will outpace supply.

For travelers whose passion includes experiencing key destinations around the world that are in danger of changing radically or disappearing as a result of climate change and policy change, Travel-Intel reviews the top five places to see now, above all others. Not surprisingly, Cuba tops the list.

Finally, to experience a country that has seen a lot of change in its own right and remains relatively new and untouched on the travel grid, Nicaragua is emerging as a top spot to target. This week's issue of Travel-Intel features Nicaragua's premier luxury resort -- Mukul Resort -- on what is tabbed the Emerald Coast of Nicaragua facing the Pacific. The property offers 37 luxury villas spread out over 1,670 acres of jungle and beach in a country that is compared in its purity to what Costa Rica used to be like -- in the 1980s. The resort is a member of the exclusive Kurtz-Ahlers collection of luxury hotels, resorts and destination specialists.

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