LONDON, ENGLAND--(Marketwired - Dec. 4, 2015) - Not measured by profit alone, business is the commitment to the customer, the dedication to the craft, and the incremental advancements towards a better future. Nowhere is this sentiment celebrated more than in this year's European CEO Awards, in which 2015's standout institutions and individuals are collected together in one place.

Covering the latest in business and management, finance, and with a lifestyle section to boot, the latest issue of European CEO delves into the rise of omnichannel organisations, the fall of Volkswagen and the influence of Peter Drucker.

As part of the European CEO Awards, the panel, together with input from readers, cast an eye over a range of sectors and looked at which names have spearheaded the latest advances in their respective fields. By recognising what it is that differentiates the best from the rest, the European CEO Awards offer an insight into not just the greatest institutions and individuals of the moment, but also where the European climate for business is headed.

From world-renowned executives such as JPMorgan's Jamie Dimon and BHP Billiton's Andrew Mackenzie, to lesser-known titans of industry like Hutman Diagnostics' Paul Hofer and Aviabel's Cécile Coune, the European CEO Awards look at the most innovative - and not just the most profitable - names. Taking into account strategy, sustainability, profitability and a range of other factors, this year's European CEO Awards consist of only the brightest lights in business.

To read more about the winners and the reasons they've made the cut, pick up the latest issue of European CEO, available online, on mobile and in print now.

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