SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - December 07, 2015) - InsideView powers the world's business conversations. Today, the company announced the expansion of its executive team with the appointment of John Kelly as the first Chief Revenue Officer.

As the new CRO, Kelly will be responsible for all revenue-generating activities, including setting the strategic direction to grow revenue while driving the company to new revenue segments and partnership opportunities.

Kelly has spent over twenty years in executive leadership roles with a proven track record of managing revenue, profit, and business growth within the enterprise software industry. He joins InsideView from Findly, where he served as the CRO and head of global field operations for the on-demand talent startup for the last three years. Previously, Kelly was senior vice president and COO for SAP's Business User/Intelligence and OnDemand Solutions divisions where he led go-to-market activities that included revenue generation, sales, channels, consulting, and P&L management. He also held senior roles at Oracle where he was responsible for the worldwide customer services organization, advanced product services, and over two billion dollars in annual revenue.

"I'm energized to join the leader in market intelligence. Today, companies of all sizes and industries are struggling to identify and engage with their prospects," said John Kelly, CRO. "Having the right intelligence is essential to their success. The market opportunity is huge. It's what makes coming to InsideView so exciting."

"A CRO is a unique role -- part operational excellence, part charisma. We have strong revenue leaders in our different business segments in place today, so we searched for someone special who would augment our strengths, and add energy to our strategy and execution," said founder and CEO, Umberto Milletti. "We found everything we were looking for in John: his combination of charismatic personality that will inspire customers, partners, and all of us; and the experience to align and optimize our customer-facing functions."

About InsideView

InsideView powers the world's business conversations. Our market intelligence platform allows sales and marketing teams to easily identify and engage with prospects and customers. More than 20,000 companies use InsideView to find and qualify the best target accounts, engage in a highly relevant way, close more deals, and retain and expand accounts over time. InsideView is the only company that enhances its industry-leading data with real time insights for greater relevance and human connections for stronger influence. InsideView products are natively embedded in CRM and marketing automation systems and integrated into a range of business applications via APIs. Headquartered in San Francisco, InsideView serves companies of all sizes, industries, and geographies.

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