LONDON, ENGLAND--(Marketwired - Dec. 7, 2015) - As a world leader in carbon transformation, Ingenuity Lab may have the answer to one of COP21's hardest questions; how to reduce carbon emissions in a way that's financially sustainable. The Albertan research lab is developing technology that uses the mechanism of photosynthesis to not only reduce carbon emissions but turn the carbon itself into value. Research on the subject could feature heavily in any shared agreement on climate change at COP21.

Over the past quarter century, scientists have gained an intricate understanding of how natural processes are operationalised at the nanoscale, and the key is to apply this understanding in large-scale engineered systems. In this way, nanotechnology and carbon transformation will prove a vital tool in the fight against climate change.

With funding from Alberta's Climate Change and Emissions Management Corporation (CCEMC), Ingenuity Lab is developing a facility to demonstrate the economic viability of transforming CO2 emissions into high value products. Essentially the process uses artificial photosynthesis to manage industrially produced CO2 emissions through carbon capture and value creation. The demonstration project, at a total value of $1.3m, will support the Ingenuity Lab team to situate the cellular processes responsible for carbon fixation in living organisms into a scalable, engineered system to create value added chemicals.

The project, as featured in The New Economy innovation series, will be entered into the Carbon X Prize: A $20m global competition to develop breakthrough technologies that convert emissions into valuable products such as building materials, alternative fuels and others. The winner of the competition will no doubt appeal to those attending COP21, as the gathered dignitaries look forward to lead the transition to a low carbon future.

While representatives from over 190 countries gather in Paris to reach a shared agreement on climate change, The New Economy will be at the Sustainable Innovation Forum to expand on the role and responsibilities of business. The latest issue of The New Economy will be available there to any in attendance, complete with a supplement on the groundbreaking work Ingenuity Lab are progressing in carbon transformation.

For more on Ingenuity Lab and the transition to a low carbon future, read the latest in The New Economy's Innovation Series.

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