DETROIT, MI--(Marketwired - Dec 7, 2015) - ReallyMake ( is on a worldwide quest to find and bundle their 3D virtual pottery app product information with select 3D printer manufacturers, printing service bureaus and custom pottery shops. Some of the leading 3D printer manufacturers being targeted include: Beeverycreative, bq's Witbox, CEL (Robox), Craftbot, FF3DP, Lulzbot, MakerGear, Printrbot, Stratasys, Ultimaker, UP3D, WASP, and Zotrax.

All 3D vendors that bundle ReallyMake's Pottery App product spec sheet and/or distribute ReallyMake's product information via email blasts and newsletters will receive premium placement in the app's 3D printing manufacturer, 3D service bureau, or craft pottery directory, which will enable users to print to, buy, or export to the selected vendor's specifications.

To download pottery works of art to print, shop for pottery to buy, create your own pottery art to sell or to list your 3D printing business, please download of a free copy of the ReallyMake Pottery app at:

The ReallyMake app enables 3D pottery designers to sell their work online with ease. Designers get the profits from their work, while ReallyMake handles the financial transactions and the 3D printing service bureaus generate revenue from the printing process and distribution to the customer.

Using the ReallyMake Pottery App, customers can scroll through hundreds of virtual pottery studios and galleries to find a piece they really like and then use the Android App (iOS coming soon) to find a 3D printing service bureau to print it out and ship it to their door step.

Thanks to ReallyMake's virtual clay spinning, modeling, painting, and stamping services any designer with an Android smartphone can actually make money selling their works of art to customers who can then send the virtual clay/ceramic artwork to a 3D printing service to have it printed and then shipped to their business or residence.

In addition, to make sure the artwork is perfect for its new home customers have the ability to project the piece onto any surface in their home or office utilizing "Augmented Reality" technology before buying or having the artwork printed.

"One of the most innovative features of our ReallyMake pottery app is the ability to create your own virtual art gallery, then view your art creation in the real world sitting on the table in front of you," said Dr. Jay P. Harrison, L.H.D., ReallyMake's Chief Technology Officer. "Our mobile app employs a novel 3D technology called 'augmented reality,' which can project a full 3D version of the user's pottery onto any real world surface of their choosing, such as a shelf, table or kitchen countertop. This is the first time this type of capability has ever been available on a mobile device and opens an entire new world of possibilities."

3D printer manufacturers, distributors, resellers and 3D printing service bureaus interested in marketing the ReallyMake App to their customer base and/or signing up for the app's business directory so that new customers can find and purchase their products/services should contact Kelsey Whelan at (248) 282-9910.

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