MINNEAPOLIS, MN--(Marketwired - December 08, 2015) - Ceridian announces that the LifeWorks Wellness program synchronizes with 17 wearable fitness tracking devices and apps for upload of exercise, steps and weight data. With health a priority for many employers, the LifeWorks Wellness program gives employees the ability to access their health and activity data through the platform, allowing them to track their wellness activities and monitor personal progress anytime, anywhere.

Technology to monitor physical activity is poised for growth, with over 252 million fitness and activity trackers expected to ship globally by 2017.(*) "On-the-go health and fitness tracking is growing exponentially and wearable devices and apps are important tools to help improve employee health and engagement," says Mary Jo Davis, Vice President, Product Management, Ceridian. "By synching with multiple wearable platforms, LifeWorks participants can now quickly and easily update their trackers so they can stay on top of personal goals and readily achieve their desired wellness results."

With a significant proportion of the workforce using mobile technology, the LifeWorks Wellness program is also accessible via mobile app. The mobile companion to LifeWorks Wellness is free and is available for download from app stores for Android and iPhone users in Canada and the U.S. There is also additional access for BlackBerry and Windows users in the U.S. and Canada.

"By offering a convenient app that enables individuals to track their activities and monitor personal progress directly from their smartphone, we're empowering people services when they need it and how they want to receive it," adds Davis.

LifeWorks Wellness optimizes principles that are proven to contribute to improved health, from motivation and personal accountability to actionable, measurable objectives that lead to success. LifeWorks Wellness provides health assessments and coaching in support of smoking cessation, stress management and weight management efforts. LifeWorks Wellness also provides a library of helpful tips and information as well as other tools to track personal wellness goals and accomplishments.

(*) Voets, Johan. 2013 "Study shows that over 252 million activity trackers will ship globally in the coming five years." Numrush. Online at http://numrush.com/2013/05/17/study-shows-that-over-252-million-activity-trackers-will-ship-globally-in-the-coming-five-years/.

About LifeWorks

The LifeWorks service is a comprehensive EAP, Work-Life, and Wellness program that helps organizations improve employee health and wellness, increase employee engagement, and improve productivity. LifeWorks provides employees and family members with access to telephonic, in person and online services to address personal and work related issues.

About Ceridian

Ceridian is a global human capital management technology company serving over 25 million users in more than 50 countries. Our offering includes the award winning, cloud-based Dayforce HCM, Global Solutions, Small Business Payroll, and LifeWorks Employee Assistance and Wellness programs. Ceridian. Makes Work Life Better™ For more information about Ceridian solutions call 1-800-729-7655 or visit www.ceridian.com.

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