CAMPBELL, CA--(Marketwired - Dec 8, 2015) - TuringSense, a Silicon Valley wearable sports technology company, has launched PIVOT, the most advanced wearable technology for tennis incorporating Hall of Fame coach to 10 #1-ranked players Nick Bollettieri's coaching knowledge, on Indiegogo. Unlike other products that attach a single sensor to a tennis racquet, PIVOT uses a pack of wearable sensors attached to different parts of the body or clothing and the PIVOT app, to provide instant biomechanical feedback based on Bollettieri's teaching techniques so players can master their swings and guard against injuries without wires or cameras. PIVOT's an open system for users or coaches to embed their own techniques.

TuringSense's Indiegogo campaign is aiming to raise $75,000 to begin production on PIVOT. It launches with fanfare for early backers and tennis enthusiasts. Among the perks being offered are:

  • The first 100 "Early Bird" backers can get a PIVOT Challenger Pack at a price of $249, an attractive 38% discount off the retail price of $449.
  • Another 100 "Early Birds" can get a PIVOT Grand Slam Pack with autographed performance shirt and 15-minute phone call with Bollettieri, for $749, a 49% discount off the retail price of $1,469.
  • A performance shirt autographed by Bollettieri for $49, a discount of 51% off the $100 price.
  • A week of training and a personal lesson with Bollettieri.

TuringSense also announced two stretch goals. As part of its shared vision with Bollettieri to give back to the community, each time a goal is reached, the company will donate to a charitable tennis foundation that supports programs that leverage tennis and education to provide opportunities for those in need. The initial stretch goals are:

  • At $150,000 - 4 Grand Slam packs will be donated to a charitable tennis foundation
  • At $300,000 - An additional 8 Grand Slam packs will be donated to a charitable tennis foundation 

"Today, those who are active in sports -- at every level and no matter the activity -- want to get better at their game and they want to do so quickly. They want immediate results and feedback on how to get there," said Dr. Limin He, co-founder and CEO, TuringSense. "PIVOT's cutting-edge technology -- with instant feedback, pioneering biomechanics and injury prevention focuses -- will pivot players to a new level, especially in technique improvement, injury prevention and performance evaluation. Most of all, we're confident it will contribute to the exponential growth of tennis worldwide."

Cutting-edge Technology + Best Training in the World
PIVOT, developed in collaboration with Bollettieri, incorporates his training techniques and instructions, which can be customized to help individuals become better players. It will include lessons from Bollettieri on how to improve topspin on a player's forehand, how to hit a better serve, how to generate more power on the backhand and more. It will allow players to compare their strokes side-by-side with Bollettieri's recommended teachings in real-time on the court. And, it will provide instant audio feedback when a player hits the recommended stroke.

PIVOT's key benefits include:

  • Improve your game -- High-speed 360-degree full body motion capture and advanced biomechanical analysis let players improve technique. Players can track and analyze technique, movements, get statistics on footwork, body position, elbow bend, knee bend, and more.
  • Enjoy tennis injury free -- PIVOT actively studies your form and recognizes patterns that cause chronic injuries. It notifies you of improper technique and how to correct it.
  • Practice Anywhere, Review Results Instantly -- PIVOT is wireless so you can take it anywhere. Real-time feedback lets players work on perfecting their game while in play, and review their moves off the court.
  • No camera, no problem -- No cameras or expensive labs are needed. PIVOT is an unrestricted way to record performance. The result is an accurate 360 degree replay of every stroke.
  • Remote coaching made possible -- With data in the cloud and instantly available on mobile devices, PIVOT makes possible accurate, convenient remote coaching.

"I was passionate about using technology to help players be injury free after sustaining numerous injuries as an advanced tennis player," said Dr. Joe Chamdani, co-founder, CTO and college player (level 5.5). "With a great team, many who are also advanced athletes, and tenacity and hard work, we created PIVOT. Its motion capture, analysis and 3D capabilities let trainers stop at-risk moves, preventing injuries."

Some in the industry who have seen PIVOT, like Richard Tompkins, owner, Tompkins Tennis International, are strong supporters. "Our academy is excited about PIVOT," said Tompkins. "By identifying corrective actions, PIVOT helps improve technique and prevent injuries for players at all levels. Regardless of skill, PIVOT will help take your game to the next level. It's truly a game changer!"

Our Indiegogo Campaign
In addition to the perks listed, contributors can receive a wide variety of other perks at deep discounts. Two perks (autographed shirt and autographed racquet) will ship in April 2016. PIVOT units will ship in August 2016. Check out the campaign page and video here.

About TuringSense
TuringSense, a pioneer in wearable sports technology, is revolutionizing sports training through innovative multi-sensor, high-speed full-body motion analysis solutions. The company's first product, PIVOT, designed to improve tennis playing and training, provides instant biomechanical feedback for technique optimization and injury prevention. TuringSense is planning future products for sports like golf and swimming. Its technology also has a wide range of applications in physical therapy, insurance compliance, rehabilitation, posture correction and virtual reality/gaming. Visit

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