NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Dec 8, 2015) - Integral Ad Science, the leader in quantifying digital media quality, today announced its Certified Viewability Partner Program. The program showcases media sellers who utilize Integral's discrepancy-free viewability measurement and are prepared to use the data as the bill of record to transact on viewability. The discrepancy-free measurement alleviates operational challenges for both buyers and sellers.

"Members of our Certified Viewability Partner Program signify to advertisers that they are easy to work with and facilitate accurate, trustworthy third party measurement," said Scott Knoll, CEO Integral Ad Science. "At Integral, we are constantly working to ensure the industry is operating in a clean ecosystem that unifies all players."

Initial members of the program include 33Across, Collective, Conversant, Drawbridge, Netmining, TripleLift and Valassis Digital. As shown in Integral's Q3 2015 Media Quality Report, viewability has dropped over the last year, making it more important than ever for publishers and advertisers to conduct media buying and selling based on an agreed upon standard that takes both sides into account. Overall, more than 200 premium publishers are currently transacting based on Integral's viewability measurement.

"Viewability is the core of the 33Across Real Platform™. We rely on Integral Ad Science to optimize and evaluate the quality of impressions sold on the Real Platform. Being a member of Integral's Certified Viewability Partner Program affirms our commitment to transparency," said Eric Wheeler, CEO, 33Across.

"Joining Integral's Certified Viewability Partner Program highlights our belief in transparency," said Eoin Townsend, Chief Product Officer, Collective. "Our VISTO™ platform integrates Integral's viewability data, which allows our clients to see side by side comparisons of delivery quality across multiple inventory sources and screens, which enable Collective and its clients to make smarter optimization and investment decisions."

"We believe viewability is a critical component to ad quality, which is why we strongly believe in Integral's Certified Viewability Partner Program," said Ric Elert, President, Conversant Media. "Our efficiency is greatly increased by transacting on Integral's viewability data, which will not only mean success for Conversant Media, but our clients and the industry as a whole."

"Drawbridge is committed to improving the advertising ecosystem, and that commitment manifests itself in the form of tools, partnerships, integrations, and programs that let marketers rely on smarter buying tools and discrepancy-free metrics," said Drawbridge VP Product Management & Partnerships, Rahul Bafna. "As a launch partner for Integral Ad Science's Certified Viewability Program, we're taking a strong stance for viewability, and hope this encourages other players to join in making our ecosystem more efficient."

"We are excited to showcase our commitment to quality media by joining Integral's Certified Viewability Partner Program," said Dean Vegliante, President, at Netmining. "Our clients value viewable inventory, and we're happy to work with any client who wants to use Integral's data as a base for transacting on viewability."

"An ad has to be viewable to make an impact," said Moritz Loew, SVP of Sales, at TripleLift. "We're at the cutting edge of viewability in native, and being a launch partner for Integral's Certified Viewability Partner Program highlights our commitment to selling high quality, impactful media."

"As stewards of our clients' advertising investment, it is critical to demonstrate a verified consumer connection via high-quality digital media," said Cali Tran, President of Valassis Digital. "Integral is a recognized leader in ad verification and viewability data, and we are pleased to join their Certified Viewability Partner Program to further highlight this important commitment to our clients."

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