NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Dec 8, 2015) - Sticky, the global online visual engagement analytics SaaS platform that helps content publishers, advertisers and agencies make more money from real people paying attention, today launched AdEmotion, the next generation in emotional engagement. Combined with Sticky's leading eye-tracking technology, AdEmotion delivers the most powerful solution in the market that helps brands gain insight into consumers' state of mind as they experience online ads.

"We are thrilled to offer an incredibly valuable solution for the marketplace," said Jeff Bander, President at Sticky. "Now brands will have a more complete picture of an ad's effectiveness, and what is and isn't working. By providing this insightful new intelligence, we're enabling the entire ecosystem's ability to improve their video storytelling for consumers." 

To date, marketers have responded favorably to facial coding and its promise to reveal the emotions consumers experience as they view an ad. However brands have not yet had the tools required to better understand consumers' emotions at precise moments in time as they engage with online content or view mobile and desktop ads. While facial coding on its own can gauge what a person feels while watching a 30-second video, it fails to provide insight into what exactly consumers were looking at when specific emotions were evoked. Now brand advertisers will be able to know just that.

Bander continued, "An ad may elicit emotion but did the emotion get tied to the brand? Many times there is a big disconnect between the emotion and the brand itself. The ad may win awards but the brand may not win. Furthermore, knowing when a video engages emotionally can even tip us off to whether a video is going to be skipped or watched."

Sticky's AdEmotion is the industry's first self-serve solution that combines powerful insights from BOTH biometric online eye tracking and facial coding technologies. Now brands will have a 360 degree view into not only what consumers feel, but also what specific visual or even musical elements may have evoked that range of emotions -- joy, sadness, surprise, and others -- while consumers experience them.

Sticky's platform is used by a broad assortment of marketers, agencies, publishers and content partners to more accurately value their advertising results, including high-profile companies such as AOL, Orbitz, TripleLift and Sublime Skinz.

This story first appeared in Marketing Land.

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