MotivIndex's Digital Motivation Research Set to Disrupt Industry

Revolutionary Methodology Leverages Online Data to Remove Traditional Research Bias and Make Companies More Intelligent

Boston, Massachusetts, UNITED STATES

BOSTON, Dec. 08, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MotivIndex, the pioneer of an innovative new research method that analyzes people without influence or observational bias, today announced the immediate availability of its groundbreaking market research services. Using a proprietary methodology that results in the development of Belief-Based SegmentsTM and a Motivation MapTM of consumers and voters, MotivIndex is disrupting the way organizations and politicians apply research to drive better outcomes.

“MotivIndex provides an innovative new research method that relies on the simple fact that people inadvertently reveal the truth online about their motivations, beliefs and values,” said Jeannette Ho, VP Revenue Strategy and Customer Analytics, Fairmont Raffles Hotels International. “MotivIndex has helped us to understand those unspoken motivations, the WHY, which is typically the missing element in most current research methods. By observing individuals in an unobtrusive manner, the Company has helped us identify what motivates luxury travelers to initially select and return to a specific hotel, and better understand both global and regional nuances and triggers.”

Founded by research and sociology experts Ujwal Arkalgud and Jason Partridge, and using a team of PhD Sociologists and Political Scientists, MotivIndex is the leader in Digital Motivation ResearchTM. The Company specializes in analyzing millions of publicly available conversations to deconstruct the lives of thousands of people without influencing them through observation bias or interrupting them with questions and group think. Using MotivIndex, clients and partners can predict upcoming trends in consumer culture and use that intelligence to determine when a trend might be expected to go mainstream or uncover an exact opposition motivation that is contrary to traditional thinking.

While traditional market research can be highly effective mid-funnel to measure consumer action, it is largely ineffective in understanding consumer intent at the top of the funnel. As a result, organizations and political affiliations are getting inaccurate and incomplete data leading them to create the wrong products, services and/or messages. Companies have become increasingly frustrated with both the approach and the subsequent results as the underlying methodology of these antiquated research approaches has created a number of issues and missed opportunities. This is because they are based on asking a certain question when the reality is most people either don’t know what they want, or they simply lie about why they buy products and/or services due to peer pressure or perceived political/ethnical “correctness”. 

“Current methods to surveys, polls and focus groups are no longer capable of delivering a competitive edge, because they only measure what people are saying and doing at the moment in terms of their current level of satisfaction and/or opinions toward a product, service or political campaign message,” said Beth Lindstrom, Advisory Board Chair. “Digital Motivation Research provides users with insights and information that actually teaches them something new about their intended audience; thereby, reducing the risk around new product investments, strategic decision making and company and/or political positioning. I am thrilled to be associated with such a progressive organization and I look forward to helping them bring the next generation of research to market.”

About MotivIndex
MotivIndex Inc. is the pioneer of Digital Motivation Research - rapid turnaround, high-quality, market research services. With its proprietary methodology and revolutionary approach of revealing unspoken motivations through the digital observation of consumers and voters, MotivIndex is disrupting the way companies and politicians uncover opportunities that drive real value. Using a team of PhD Sociologists and Political Scientists to analyze millions of publicly available conversations, MotivIndex deconstructs the lives of thousands of people, without influencing them through observation bias or interrupting them with questions and group think. For more information visit, follow their co-founders on Twitter @Interpretivist, @copywrestler, connect on LinkedIn, or call (416) 823-3326.



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