NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Dec 8, 2015) - Jacquii LLC, founded in 2010, announced its launch of Woofmints™, a revolutionary all natural dog breath freshening product, and is partnering with BarkBox to introduce it to a multitude of pet parents everywhere. The product provides a simple yet effective answer to dog breath, available exclusively online at

Created to solve dog breath issues that have hounded the pet community for eons, Woofmints™ are made in America and dubbed completely safe for dogs by the New York Animal Medical Center. Woofmints™ is a 100% natural product comprised of gel capsules containing parsley, peppermint oils and other vegan, gluten free ingredients. Easily included with meals or finger fed, Woofmints™ gel caps dissolve in the stomach, providing long-term, fresh breath from within.

Woofmints™ is your classic "necessity breeds invention" story -- where Jacqui Rosshandler, inventor of sister product Eatwhatever®, a duel mint and gel cap breath freshener, was shown close affection by a black lab with awful breath and had an "Aha!" moment. Following a hunch, she confirmed that her gel cap formula could also solve the dog breath issue and Woofmints™ was born. The innovative oil based gel caps work on dogs just as they do on humans creating sustainable fresh breath for hours.

Jacqui Rosshandler, president of Jacquii LLC, says: "We are excited to be working with BarkBox. Going forward, our focus is to help pet parents make their pets even more sociable by increasing awareness and trial via on-line availability. Partnering with BarkBox, #1 in their category, is a great beginning. We share the same values, of all-natural, healthy, innovative products that make dogs and their parents' lives better!" Woofmints™ can be purchased online at

Woofmints™ is an outgrowth of its successful sister brand Eatwhatever®, an effective breath freshening product line for adult consumers sold in supermarkets, convenience stores and pharmacies nationally as well as online at

About Woofmints™
All natural, vegan, gluten free and Vet recommended, Woofmints™ gel cap formula freshens canine breath from within the stomach. Fed with meals or in their favorite snack twice daily with consecutive use, pet parents will enjoy their pups' increasingly kissable breath day by day.

About Jacquii LLC
In 2010, Jacqui Rosshandler joined forces with Arthur Shorin, former CEO of Topps, a multi-national company famous for sports picture products and confections. Together they formed Jacquii LLC, a privately held company dedicated to improving the sociability of humans and pets via healthy, natural, effective products. The company presently markets Eatwhatever® -- 2 Steps to Kissable Breath -- and new Woofmints™ -- No More Dog Breath.

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