CUPERTINO, CA--(Marketwired - Dec 8, 2015) - Bromium®, Inc., the pioneer of threat isolation to prevent data breaches, today announced vSentry 3.0, which features, among other innovations, behavioral executable analysis to protect corporate networks from file-based and file-less targeted attacks and phishing campaigns.

"Over 90 percent of breaches start with a compromised endpoint, and CISOs have realized that there's no point in trying to close the stable door once the horse has bolted," said Simon Crosby, CTO of Bromium. "Detection is vital, but it isn't enough. It can't protect you, and it takes too long: The average time to detect a targeted breach now exceeds 200 days."

With the introduction of executable analysis, Bromium offers the most comprehensive protection and detection endpoint feature set for enterprises against known and unknown threats that attack endpoints from the Web, email, USB, and collaboration and productivity applications. Micro-virtualization reduces the attack surface to prevent compromise, even by zero-day attacks and even on unpatched machines.

"Isolating threats with Bromium is so phenomenally effective that it has become foundational to my security architecture," said Ken Pfeil, CISO at MFS Investment Management. "This is the second company where I have invested in Bromium because it deploys at scale rapidly, is transparent to the end user, and prevents endpoint breaches better than any technology I have seen."

While advanced attacks target vulnerabilities in commonly-used software, executables boost the threat, offering an easy way to get malware into an enterprise by masquerading as a legitimate program. Traditional malware detection and whitelists don't block these attacks; only isolation does, while reducing the risk of exposure and rate of high false positives.

"Version 3.0 of the Bromium suite incorporates feature requests from our enterprise and government customers, and lays a foundation for our continued growth in 2016," said Ian Pratt, CEO of Bromium. "We have doubled bookings year-over-year and, in the same period, tripled our customer count in the Fortune 500 segment as more corporations deploy our solution at scale."

Bromium is the pioneer of micro-virtualization, a revolutionary security technology that uses endpoint CPU virtualization to automatically and invisibly hardware-isolate threats, preventing data theft, eliminating persistence and blocking access to the enterprise network. Micro-virtualization also delivers unparalleled visibility into the techniques, origins and targets of malware, enabling real-time detection of attacks and rapid enterprise-wide response.

Bromium is also a Microsoft security technology partner, working to extend the security of Windows 10 with micro-virtualization to deliver the world's most secure endpoint. As a result of the collaboration, Virtualization Enhanced Security is now a core capability of the Windows OS, which Bromium further hardens and protects with micro-virtualization.

Bromium continues to earn industry recognition, including the University of Cambridge Computer Lab Ring "Product of the Year 2015," the Government Security News "Homeland Security Awards: Best Endpoint Security Solution" and the Cyber Defense Magazine "Cyber Defense Awards 2015: Best Endpoint Security Solution," with positive product reviews in SC Magazine and Network World. Bromium "is a first-rate tool and as a way of isolating a system from malware it is about the best we've seen," writes SC Magazine.

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Bromium is re-inventing enterprise security with its powerful new technology, micro-virtualization, which was designed to protect businesses from advanced malware by design, while simultaneously empowering users and delivering real-time threat intelligence to IT. Unlike traditional security methods, which rely on complex and ineffective detection techniques, Bromium protects against malware from the Web, email or USB devices, by automatically isolating each user-task at the endpoint in a hardware-isolated micro-VM, preventing theft or damage to any enterprise resource. Bromium's technological innovations have earned the company numerous industry awards. Bromium counts a rapidly growing set of Fortune 500 companies and government agencies as customers.

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