WINTER GARDEN, FL--(Marketwired - Dec 9, 2015) - The decision to feature Kennan Burch and the company he founded, Brand Catalyst Partners, ( in the December 2015 issue of i4 Business Magazine was an easy one for the magazine's editors. Burch's list of highly satisfied clients includes the magazine's owner and publisher SCB Marketing. Singing the praises of Burch's work, Eric Wright, managing director and editor of SCB Marketing, explained, "Kennan Burch helped us align on our strategy and our vision. Going through his process helped our company define who we are and who we aren't; what we say 'yes' to and what we now can say 'no' to. It unified our team and our messaging and became the deciding factor in many internal discussions."

Founded in 2008, Brand Catalyst Partners is dedicated to helping companies live their highest brand promise. Burch said, "I want to inspire organizations to create a contagious brand, one that grows naturally without a strong need for advertising."

Central Florida-based Brand Catalyst Partners works primarily with second stage, growth oriented organizations, helping them define their contagious brand, evaluate brand touch points, strategize brand identity implementation and work through other critical aspects of brand development, including their marketing plans, creative development, new product ideation and the production of brand essence videos. Over the past eight years, Brand Catalyst Partners has served some seventy-five companies and nonprofit organizations nationwide. Clients range from financial services to food services, boating, health care, non-profits and a long list of other types of businesses, all united by the desire to align executives and organizations in delivering their highest compelling truth.

After spending more than twenty years at restaurant giant, Darden, a $7.5 billion brand-building company and with his team driving over $1 billion in advertising and branding initiatives during his career, Kennan Burch can candidly advise his clients, "I've spent more than a billion dollars in advertising and marketing so you won't have to."

The magazine article, "Your Brand: More Than Just a Name," is available in print, online and as a download at Kennan Burch is the author of Branding Secrets of Fortune 500 Companies: Creating Contagious Brands, available on

You can learn more about how Brand Catalyst Partners can help your company or organization by visiting the company website or by contacting Kennan Burch at 407.654.7008.

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