HOUSTON, TX--(Marketwired - Dec 9, 2015) - International Spirit & Beverage Group, Inc. (a Nevada Corporation) (OTC PINK: ISBG) ("ISBG"), an alcoholic beverage company specializing in the development, global sales and marketing of innovative wine & spirits brands, including the award-winning Cavoda Vodka, Besado Tequila, and Dziaq Liqueur, is pleased to announce the signing of Shad Moss (Bow Wow) and Yung Joc.

The individual contracts call for each artist to be responsible for assuming the role of "brand face" for ISBG's Besado Tequila in the urban market. They will help create advertising, content for brand awareness, and include the brand in their songs, videos, and concerts. Social media will be emphasized especially on Twitter and Instagram. Each artist was compensated with 5,000,000 million shares in ISBG stock plus stock and cash incentives upon the achievement of various significant sales milestones of ISBG products.

"I'm excited to be part of the ISBG family," stated Shad Moss (Bow Wow). "I believe ISBG's Besado Tequila will prove to be an up-and-coming winner. As a partner with ISBG I look forward to helping to take this to the next level."

"I am proud to be associated with a premium tequila like Besado," added Yung Joc. "I am enthused to partner with ISBG and look forward to a bright future with ISBG."

As part of each five-year contract, ISBG will provide and approve brand marketing support in several areas including artist production, artist video, concert production, endorsement by the artists, after parties for artists, music and song integration, product advertising, and branding for point of sale and point of purchase.

"We welcome Shad Moss and Yung Joc aboard the ISBG team. As fellow shareholders we look forward to a prosperous future," stated Jeff Freiberger, ISBG's Chief Operating Officer. "This arrangement is a testament to our celebrities' confidence in the future of ISBG. We look forward to updating shareholders with more detailed information in the near future."

About (ISBG) International Spirit & Beverage Group, Inc:
ISBG, based in Houston, TX, is an alcoholic beverage company specializing in the development, global sales, and marketing of innovative wine & spirits brands. The Company's expertise lies in the strategic development and aggressive early growth of its brands establishing its assets as viable and attractive acquisition candidates for the major global spirits companies. ISBG intends to build its brands as individual acquisition candidates while continuing to develop its pipeline of new brands in to the ISBG portfolio. ISBG's existing portfolio contains three brands: Cavoda Vodka (www.cavodavodka.com), Besado Tequila (www.besadotequila.com) and Dziaq Liqueur (www.dziaq.com).

For more information visit: www.isbg.global

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