RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA, CA--(Marketwired - Dec 9, 2015) - Security First Corp., the industry leader in software-defined data-centric security technology, announced today that President and Chief Executive Officer Mark O'Hare has been invited to provide expert counsel during a panel discussion among prominent cybersecurity experts at the Atlantic Council on Wednesday, Dec. 9 in Washington, D.C. The discussion, titled "Cyber Risk Wednesday: 2016 Threat Landscape," will be held from 4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. and will be moderated by The Christian Science Monitor's Sara Sorcher, a deputy editor covering security and privacy. The panel experts will discuss the lessons learned from major enterprise data breaches in 2015 and what organizations should do differently moving forward. O'Hare will be joined by Luke Dembosky, the Deputy Assistant Attorney General of the National Security Division at the U.S. Department of Justice, Ellen Nakashima, a national security reporter for The Washington Post and Jason Healey, a nonresident senior fellow at Cyber Statecraft Initiative.

"Organizations, both public and private, need to rethink their data security strategy for 2016," said O'Hare. "Businesses can no longer rely on securing the perimeter of a network to avoid a breach. Instead, there should be consideration for software solutions that allow data to be protected at its core for ultimate security."

O'Hare has more than 30 years of security-related experience in which he has led multi-million dollar commercial and government security, engineering and manufacturing programs. He has co-authored more than 268 issued, granted or pending patents in the area of data-centric security, high availability and disaster recovery. Currently, Security First Corp. is paving the way in the security industry with their patented SPx™ (SecureParser® extended) technology, which maintains the data's integrity and high accessibility, but renders the data unreadable and unusable if hacked by cyber criminals. SPx based solutions provide a simple way to protect and control access to any data, whether at rest or in motion across diverse systems. The technology randomly splits (scrambles) the data into secure shares, authenticates those data shares, and then transmits those shares as unreadable pieces so they can be stored in multiple locations.

To learn more or to register for the event, visit http://bit.ly/1Nxqsq8.

About Security First Corp.
Founded in 2002, Security First Corp. is a privately held company headquartered in Rancho Santa Margarita, California. As the industry leader in software-defined data security technology, the company holds more than 268 patents and patent applications. It is committed to bringing advanced, data-centric security solutions that solve many of the new challenges brought by the tremendous growth of digital information. SPxSHARC™, the company's latest data security product, protects information down to the bit level, ensuring data is safe within a network that has been breached, misconfigured or has failed to apply security updates. Products built around this unique SPx core technology are currently protecting exabytes of data for customers in government, communications, defense and military applications. For more information, visit www.securityfirstcorp.com.

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