IRONTON, MN and ALISO VIEJO, CA--(Marketwired - Dec 9, 2015) -   The Guiding Star Project, which was created to establish comprehensive centers nationwide for women and families that uphold natural law and promote new feminism, and The Obria Foundation, which was created to unify existing pro-life medical clinics under a single life-affirming medical model and brand, are excited to announce their national partnership to expand each organization as nationally recognized pro-life brands that deliver high-quality, holistic healthcare.

"The overarching goal in collaborating at a national level is to galvanize the courageous leadership of many pro-life organizations and form an alliance to compete with retail, independent and online abortion providers," explained Kathleen Eaton Bravo, founder and CEO of Obria.

Leah Jacobson, president and founder of The Guiding Star Project, expands on Eaton Bravo's statement: "Working together nationally and through local affiliate partners, we will have a greater impact in saving babies, reaching more youth, honoring the feminine abilities, and strengthening women and families by serving these needs in a comprehensive manner consistent with Christian morality."

The Obria Foundation and The Guiding Star Project have agreed that they will work in good faith toward establishing an affiliate Obria Medical Clinic within every Guiding Star local affiliate. Obria will work with local Guiding Star affiliates, under guidance from The Guiding Star Project, to bring an Obria Medical Clinic affiliate online within two years, or during an agreed-upon time specified by the local Guiding Star affiliate's board. 

Abby Johnson, pro-life speaker, author, and Guiding Star board member as well as a member of Obria's national advisory board, expressed her excitement about the partnership: "The continuity of care aspect of this partnership is very exciting to me. To think that a woman can walk into a Guiding Star center and visit an Obria Clinic anywhere in the country and not experience a lapse in her medical care or her medical records -- is game changing."

Obria provides affiliate clinics with intellectual property and a technology platform designed to increase patient traffic, offer online tele-medicine appointments, implement abortion-pill reversal services, and support financial sustainability through electronic health records, medical service reimbursements, and fundraising.

Guiding Star centers serve women and families by offering a host of services that cater to women in their childbearing years. Partnering with Obria Medical Clinics will allow Guiding Star clients to access comprehensive reproductive medical care, as well as new parenting classes, fatherhood initiatives, and post-abortion healing support.

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