NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - December 09, 2015) - ICAP Patent Brokerage announces for sale patents addressing at least three cardiovascular treatment technologies -- a system for treatment of arterial obstructions such as blood clots, a distal double balloon catheter with bypass circulatory flow lumen, and a noninvasive esophageal/stomach ventricular pacing system. This portfolio is available from the well-decorated inventor Dr. T. Anthony Don Michael as part of the ICAP Patent Brokerage's December 2015 Cardiovascular Patent Auction.

The live virtual auction opened for bidding on Tuesday, December 8th at 9 am PST and will have a bidding deadline of December 10th at 5 pm PST.

Dr. Don Michael is a highly accomplished and respected clinical professor of Medicine at UCLA in diagnostic cardiology. He participated in seven fellowships, served in various teaching and academic positions, obtained multiple board certifications and licenses, is the recipient of over a dozen special honors and awards, and has invented over two dozen patented inventions. A well-known and respected medical author, presenter, and orator, Dr. Don Michael was included in "Who's Who" listings for inventors, global business leaders, international and professionals. Dr. Don Michael received Knighthood from the government of Sri Lanka in 1991 and was appointed as the Honorary Consul for California by the government of Sri Lanka. Dr. Don Michael is a medical pioneer who provided the first description and invention of the esophageal obturator airway in CPR, the first invention of Food and Drug Administration and American Heart Association approved AIDs proof airway in CPR, the first description of precordial thump to pace the heart, and the first description of ultrasound angioplasty in man. See the inventor biography for Dr. Don Michael here.

"Dr. Don Michael's mixes brilliance, expertise, and unparalleled clinical experience to provide three novel inventions for removal of arterial blockage and heart pacing," says Peter Johnson, Senior Vice President for all Medical transactions at ICAP Patent Brokerage. "Dr. Don Michael is a proven innovator who brings an important portfolio for any entity serious about pursing angioplasty, atherosclerosis, intravascular instruments, catheters, balloon catheters, guidewires, vascular surgery, endoscopic surgery, heart pacing and electrodes."

The technology for sale includes at least three relevant cardiovascular products: blood clot removal systems (US 8,679,058 and US 7,524,303), a distal protection double balloon catheter with bypass flow lumen (US 7,167,171), and a ventricular pacing system via an esophageal approach through the stomach (US 6,006,138). The blood clot removal systems include a kit composed of a relatively small number of relatively simple components that are capable of being used in various combinations and/or sequences to successfully treat all arterial obstructions that require urgent treatment. The kit performs angioplasty, stenting or clot removal procedures in a blood vessel, and can be used to remove thrombus prior to such procedures, especially in emergency situations. The distal protection double balloon catheter includes a bypass flow lumen that provides downstream microcirculatory system protection during a dual balloon catheter procedure. The ventricular pacing system provides a non-invasive means of pacing the heart by accessing the stomach adjacent the ventricles via the natural orifices of the mouth and esophagus.

See the technical description of Dr. Don Michael's Vascular Implants, Instruments & Procedures; Electrical Heart Pacing IP sales offering.

Sample forward or rearward citing companies include Medtronic Plc, and New York University.

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