NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Dec 9, 2015) - Veterans Call, the platform for people to find, connect with, and contribute to leading veterans' charities, today announced the launch of its application for iPhone and Android. The app's innovative technology enables anyone with a cell phone to donate to prominent charities working to improve the physical, social, and economic lives of veterans and their families.

"Veterans Call democratizes philanthropy by connecting anyone with a mobile phone to their passion causes, facilitating low-impact $5 and $10 recurring micro-donations," said Dylan Breslin-Barnhart, Vice President of North America for Activistic, the Veterans Call parent company.

"Yet even at these affordable levels, users experience high-touch engagement with our partner philanthropies that help involve them more deeply in the causes they care about. We are thrilled to first apply our proven technology to Veterans Call, with the goal of making sustained and lasting differences for the men and women who sacrificed greatly to protect our country."

Donors, regardless of contribution size, receive in-app push alerts from charities regarding initiatives such as real-time fundraising campaigns, opportunities for volunteerism, and donor perks.

The charities featured on Veterans Call are leaders in their field, providing veterans and their families with critical physical, mental, and financial resources to help ease their transition back into society and put them on a path of continued success.

To date, the charities on the app are as follows:

Additional charity partners are being integrated into the app. 

Users of the app simply log in and make a donation to a listed charity they would like to support.  Contributions are routed to the charity partner and automatically added to users' cell phone bills. Users can stay connected to the charities even after making a donation, receiving updates on recent accomplishments and upcoming projects so they can see the impact of their contribution.

On December 7, Veterans Call hosted its official launch party on the historic USS Intrepid in New York City. The event featured representatives from leading veterans' charities, artists, writers, and other influential individuals in the veterans' space, as well as several exhibits of powerful veteran-focused artwork and portraits.

Charity Partner Quotes:

"We are very excited to provide an additional avenue of fundraising that helps us continue our passionate work for US Armed Forces personnel," said David Winters, President of Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund (IFHF). "Moving forward, Veterans Call will enable us to cast a wider fundraising net and allow an efficient and extremely cost-effective way to attract new supporters to our effort helping wounded military personnel and their families."

"We look forward to taking part in the Veterans Call platform and being able to reach even more people to help us support military families," said Joyce Raezer, Executive Director of National Military Family Association (NMFA).

"Veterans Call is an exciting opportunity to make a difference in the lives of American veterans," said Paul Rieckhoff, Founder and CEO of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA). "IAVA has helped hundreds of thousands of veterans get the resources they need to recover and transition back into daily life. We think Veterans Call can help us inspire new donors and volunteers and magnify the impact of our work. This is a fantastic project and we are thrilled to be a part of it."

About Veterans Call
Veterans Call is a mobile app that empowers millions of Americans to support various accredited charities working to improve the physical, mental, and social health of veterans. With just the tap of a finger and a few dollars each month, users can make a sustained and lasting difference for the country's servicemen and women. For more information, visit

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