NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Dec 10, 2015) -  Best Seller TV and Executive Perspectives, two of the top online business shows on C-Suite TV, have announced their December broadcast schedules. Best Seller TV episodes will feature an interview with business author Wally Hauck to talk about his latest book Stop the Leadership Malpractice: How to Replace the Typical Performance Appraisal. Executive Perspectives will feature interviews with Certified Speaking Professionals (CSP) Roger Courville, Pegine Echevarría, Laurie Guest and David Newman at the National Speakers Association's Influence 2015 Conference.

Best Seller TV:

In his book, Stop the Leadership Malpractice: How to Replace the Typical Performance Appraisal best-selling author Wally Hauck talks about why the typical performance appraisal needs to be replaced. He discusses how the current system takes away from the ability to take advantage of a company's most important asset, its people. These appraisals also erode the ability to trust the organization, which in turn, reduces creativity and innovations.

Hauck says that "more than 50% of HR managers say appraisals aren't working" yet companies still perform these evaluations that put both bosses and employees in uncomfortable positions. Instead, Hauck believes the entire process needs to be overhauled and cites the following examples on how to do just that:

  • Shift the process from one of judgment to a partnership
  • Eliminate the "grading" system
  • Take the "pay conversation" out of the equation
  • Ask questions that enable both parties to look at the quality of the interaction as it changes the dynamic and structure of the appraisal

It is clear the "old way" of doing things is going out the window.

All episodes of Best Seller TV will air throughout the month on C-Suite TV and will be hosted by TV personality Taryn Winter Brill. 

Executive Perspectives:

Host Jeffrey Hayzlett talks to multiple certified speakers in a series of interviews, starting with CSP Roger Courville about the benefits and challenges of virtual presentations. Courville says the key to a successful virtual presentation is a 3-step process that includes: analyze what you do in person, map it to a new set of tools and discover what's new, unique, or different. He also cites some of the positives of conducting a presentation virtually, such as saving money on travel expenses and offering a wider reach of interactions. However, there are challenges, too -- people having expectations of interactions in a more collaborative way and having the impression of being talked at rather than with you.

Courville also suggests treating a virtual presentation like its own medium as optimization drives valuation.

The next interview has Hayzlett talking to Pegine Echevarría regarding role-playing in business. Pegine discusses how high-level executives and managers can eliminate all of the emotions that prevent them from closing deals and engaging -- only if they're pushed, poked and prodded into becoming uncomfortable. The workplace has become more diverse and clients want more leaders that can inspire and motivate others as the c-suite becomes more diversified. She also stresses that executives need to 'know how to say what they need to say to sound authentic' and that growth and change come only when one is truly uncomfortable and pushed out of our comfort zone.

Laurie Guest talks to Hayzlett about hitting the "sweet spot" and how it may vary with each company. She defines the "sweet spot" as a place that businesses need to create in order to make their customers happy. Guest says, that as a golfer, she was told to practice hitting the sweet spot and if that was achieved, she'd score every time. The same principle applies in business -- where both businesses and consumers meet in the middle, for a mutually beneficial relationship. If both parties are happy with what they come out with, then you've hit the 'sweet spot.' 

Closing out the year is David Newman who talks about coaching c-suite leaders and clearing up the misconception that coaching comes from a place of weakness, but instead it comes from a place of strength. Big companies see the advantage of coaching because, "Coaching isn't about fixing you. It's about improving your game continuously." He also highlights the three things you need to look for in a good coach: testimonials, external credibility, and don't be the first to take a bet on someone. Newman also stresses the need to focus on the output -- if the results can be quantified in some way, that's what people want to know about.

Executive Perspectives episodes can be seen throughout the month on C-Suite TV.

Best-selling author, speaker, and former Fortune 100 CMO Jeffrey Hayzlett created C-Suite TV to give top-tier business authors a forum for sharing thought-provoking insights, in-depth business analysis, and their compelling personal narratives. 

"We're ready to close out 2015 with a bang! Our last Best Seller TV episode of the year with Wally Hauck fits perfectly with the time of year where many employees are getting their yearly reviews and companies are looking to get creative with the corporate process going into 2016," Hayzlett said. "On Executive Perspectives we have an interesting combination of certified speakers ranging from c-suite coaching, role-playing in business, to hitting the sweet spot and virtual presentations. I learned a lot listening to them, and I think our audience will too."  

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