LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - December 11, 2015) - METAL Jeans Inc. has hired the firm of Erza Brutzkus Gubner to continue its multi-million dollar fraud, copyright infringement, Federal unfair competition, Trademark infringement, brand diminishment, false advertising and false designation against defendant Lululemon USA Inc. Defendant Lululemon was informed that the word "METAL" is the Registered Trademark of METAL Jeans Inc. and they are illegally using the Company's property and name without their permission. The Defendant Lululemon chose to ignore the Company's Cease and Desist letters and forced METAL Jeans Inc. to initiate legal action against the Defendants to protect its Trademark along with its products.

Erza Brutzkus Gubner has also been retained to pursue the same fraud claims against two other Defendants; Affliction Holdings LLC and Buckle Inc. Both Defendants were issued Cease and Desist letters from METAL Jeans Inc. informing them of their illegal conduct and fraud. Both Defendants chose to ignore METAL Jeans requests and are now Defendants for fraud, brand diminishment, copyright infringement and Trademark infringement. As a leading USA based apparel manufacturer, METAL Jeans prides itself as only making its products in America, the Company will vigorously go after all companies that fraudulently use its Trademark without permission and soils the Company's good name. This will include any and all retailers found to be carrying the fraudulent products.


METAL Jeans is one of the last remaining apparel companies that exclusively manufactures all of its products in America. It produces men's, women's and children's jeans, hoodies, sports apparel, shirts, foot wear and outerwear.

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