CircleCI Enterprise Delivers Power From Behind the Firewall

Compliance and Configurability Ensure Developers Ship Code Quickly, Easily, and With Confidence

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - December 14, 2015) - CircleCI, the leader in continuous integration and continuous delivery, today announced the general availability of CircleCI Enterprise, created for organizations that want to run builds behind their firewall for added compliance, control, and customization. 

CircleCI's continuous integration and delivery platform helps software teams rapidly release code they trust by automating the build, test, and deploy process. Built for developers, CircleCI offers a modern software delivery platform that lets teams ramp up quickly, scale easily, and build confidently, every day. Thousands of technology-driven companies rely on CircleCI to accelerate delivery of their code, helping software developers focus on creating business value fast.

"We designed CircleCI Enterprise to deliver the same great functionality as so organizations can test, deploy and manage builds, all behind their own firewall," said Jim Rose, CEO at CircleCI. "CircleCI Enterprise provides first class integration with GitHub Enterprise, allows for deep customization of build environments, and takes into account the regulatory and policy considerations certain customers face."

Interactive Visual Dashboards

CircleCI Enterprise users have access to CircleCI Insights, an interactive visual dashboard that helps make sense of build data, clearly and in real time. CircleCI Insights provides the tools needed to dig deep into build history and generate meaningful statistics to improve performance and keep teams shipping at an optimal pace.

Simple Customization and Integration

CircleCI Enterprise gives developers the freedom to modify and tune their build resources and environments, ensuring projects are released faster and with greater ease. Users can customize the packages pre-loaded in their build containers and change the amount of CPU and memory allocated to each container.

Many organizations come up against regulatory requirements or policies that prevent their teams from utilizing third party managed cloud-based services. With CircleCI Enterprise behind the firewall, customers can deploy with complete control over access to their source code, test databases, and other resources -- providing peace of mind knowing that internal and regulatory security requirements are met.

CircleCI Enterprise easily integrates directly with GitHub Enterprise or and provides first-class support for Docker, Sauce Labs, Heroku, and many more. As with, developers have full root-level scripting access to their build containers and can SSH directly to their running builds.

Supporting Quotes

"We have teams using different technologies and needed a CI platform that could scale to our size and complexity while still putting power directly in the hands of our engineers to configure their builds. With CircleCI Enterprise our DevOps team spends less time on busy work that bottlenecks our engineers and more time improving productivity." -- Jason Riggins, Director, Production Engineering, Manheim.

"Our early CI system was based on an open source standard. As has grown, the limitations and complexity of that platform grew to a point where we could no longer use it efficiently. Switching to CircleCI Enterprise has allowed our engineers to build and release mobile and web projects with far greater simplicity, speed and performance." -- Matt Wise, Senior Systems Architect,

Availability and Resources

CircleCI Enterprise is currently available for deployment on AWS and Azure. Support for other environments including VMware and OpenStack are coming soon.

CircleCI Enterprise is currently available for a free, no obligation, 30-day trial. Learn more at

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CircleCI helps software teams rapidly build code they trust. Thousands of technology-driven companies rely on CircleCI's modern continuous integration and delivery platform to automate the build, test, and deploy processes. CircleCI empowers developers to focus exclusively on creating business value fast.

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