HENNIGSDORF, GERMANY--(Marketwired - Dec 14, 2015) - Damage to the optic nerve, caused by glaucoma, circulatory disorder, trauma or stroke is a frequent indication. 70 million people alone are affected by glaucoma worldwide.1 The related degeneration of cells in the eye often leads to visual field loss with symptoms such as blurred sight, black and bright spots or other limitations of the visual field. So far, the therapy options for visual field loss were very limited. Now, clinical trial results for the non-invasive EBS Therapy indicate that stimulation of the nerve cells by means of gentle electrical current pulses can help recover lost eyesight.2

Significantly improved visual field

The randomized controlled trial included 82 patients with optic neuropathy that were allocated to two groups. The first group (n=45) was treated with EBS Therapy, the second group (n=37) received a placebo treatment. The trial showed that patients treated with EBS Therapy benefited from a significantly improved visual field compared to the control group. The results of the clinical trial were presented at the 19th annual meeting of the North American Neuromodulation Society (NANS) in Las Vegas by Prof. Dr. med. Jens Ellrich, University Aalborg, Denmark, and University Erlangen, Germany: "The clinical data and the growing number of optic nerve disorders in our aging society underline the strong potential of EBS Therapy as a gentle and effective treatment method for patients with visual field loss."

The mode of action of EBS Therapy: The nerve cells of the retina are stimulated by means of gentle electrical current pulses. Also known as transorbital optic nerve stimulation (tONS), the method has a two-fold effect: targeted rhythmic electrical current pulses stimulate the metabolism of nerve cells, prevent the further degeneration of cells in the retina (neuroprotection) and support the regeneration (neuroregeneration) of nerve tissue.

Strong potential in global neuromodulation market

"In Germany, we have achieved great treatment results in many patients who did not benefit from traditional therapy options. It is our objective to make EBS Therapy available to more patients in other markets worldwide in the near future. The presentation of our convincing clinical trial results to a broad international audience at the NANS annual meeting allows us to drive awareness for EBS Therapy and to build on our position in the growing global market for neuromodulation," says Ulf Pommerening, CEO of EBS Technologies.


1 Weinreb RN, Aung T, Medeiros FA. The pathophysiology and treatment of glaucoma: a review. JAMA 2014;311(18):1901-11.

2 Ellrich, J., Pommerening, U., and Wundrich, I. Transorbital neurostimulation improves vision in patients with optic neuropathies. Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the North American Neuromodulation Society (NANS), 2015, in press.

About EBS Technologies
EBS Technologies GmbH, based in Hennigsdorf close to Berlin, Germany, develops software and hardware for medical stimulation therapies. The company holds several patents in the EU and the USA, and has successfully completed a clinical trial of the EBS therapy. The EBS therapy system is approved for the treatment of visual field loss in accordance with EU regulations as a medical device with a CE label. For more information on EBS Technologies, please visit: www.ebstech.eu

More information on the EBS therapy and a complete list of therapy centers is available under www.ebs-therapy.com.

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