O'FALLON, IL--(Marketwired - Dec 14, 2015) - Bob Corcoran, founder of Corcoran Consulting and Coaching, outlines "How to Retain Great Team Members for Your Real Estate Practice."

Bob Corcoran is one of the industry's leading consultants and coaches whose clients include 71 of the Top 250 real estate professionals in the country, with a total of 94 awards, according to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) and REAL Trends 2015 report based on Team Volume and Team Units.

Corcoran says the following are the five key ways to retain the great team members at your real estate practice:

1. Be present and show your passion. The number one reason agents lose their passion is because they see team members who've lost their passion. It's like a disease that spreads. But the good news is, passion spreads, too. So the opposite is true. If a broker is passionate, it helps agents become more passionate. So be seen at the office and flaunt that passion like a new suit. Passion is a 365-days-a-year job, and nobody should be more passionate than you.

2. Organize the work. Get a system in place that helps agents know what's expected of them, so you don't have to micro-manage. I've seen many brokers get frustrated when they had to manage all the time. That causes their passion to leak. When agents have clearly defined job roles it helps the office run more smoothly.

3. Don't forget your administrative team. You have to take care of your administrative team. Why? Who is the first person agents and the public see when they enter a real estate office? Often it's a receptionist or secretary. And if they're sending out negative vibes, that infects the whole office. Take care of the administrative folks and they'll take care of you.

4. Blatantly show appreciation. All your employees -- agents and administrative folks -- must be shown appreciation -- emphasis on shown. Nothing punctures a hole faster in an employee's psyche than being ignored. Throw an appreciation party or a picnic, and not only for staff, but also their family members, too. Often it's your employees' families who are giving up time with their loved ones so they can work for you.

5. Have goals. It's tough to work or have passion about that work when you don't know what you're aiming for. And not just written goals, but shared goals. If something isn't written, it's a dream. If it's written, it's a goal. And if it's shared, it's accountable and that means it can become a reality.

6. Hire well. In his book, "Good to Great" business Guru Jim Collins says for a company to be great, it must get the right people on the bus and in the right seat. Take your time when you hire and look for passion in their eyes.

"Let's treat people right," says Corcoran, "and they will want to stay forever! Just think how you would like to be treated and do the same for your support staff and buyer agents."

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