DALLAS, TX--(Marketwired - December 15, 2015) - Axiometrics, the leader in apartment and student housing market research, today launched AXIOMobile™, an innovative app free for clients on iPhones and Android devices. The easy-to-use map format lets users find timely, granular and accurate metrics about apartment and student housing properties in the palm of their hand.

With the app, Axiometrics clients can search metro markets and submarkets and find apartment and student housing properties colorfully displayed on a map generated by Google Maps. The properties displayed on the map views can also be seen in a list view, and users can tap on a property to acquire information about rents, occupancy, property basics and the unit mix with rent information at the floor-plan level. (A video demo of AXIOMobile highlights the functionality.)

AXIOMobile users can:

  • Find information about properties anywhere, anytime.
  • Using GPS technology, see the properties appear at their current location while being driven through a market.
  • Perform a market survey using nearby competitive properties.
  • View properties under construction and planned in a market or near a university.
  • Search for a market, submarket or specific property, no matter where the user is located.

They can also find restaurants or stores near their location using Google Maps technology, by entering the name in the search bar.

Axiometrics President and CEO Ron Johnsey noted AXIOMobile is just the latest example of the company's position as innovators and trailblazers in the apartment and student housing market research industry.

"Within a period of six months, we have launched a head-to-toes remake of our portal, and now one of the first mobile apps in our industry," Johnsey said. "This work is a testament to our creative and brilliant team members, who are always looking for new ways to provide our clients answers to help them make profitable apartment and student housing investment decisions."

AXIOMobile is based on the technology developed for the hugely successful AXIOPortal™, which Axiometrics launched earlier this year.

"As we were completing work on the new portal, our technology team was already determining how we could best translate its functionality on mobile devices," said Patrick Alvarez, director of technology for Axiometrics. "The team took the initiative and developed AXIOMobile in-house, and the result is something we believe makes it easier for our clients to find the data they need."

"Apartment and student housing owners, developers, investors and managers are on the go more now than ever," Johnsey said. "AXIOMobile gives them another valuable tool as they research markets and trends, wherever they are."

AXIOMobile can be downloaded free for Axiometrics' clients through Apple's App Store and the Google Play Store.

About Axiometrics

Axiometrics' specialty is monitoring the apartment and student housing markets, providing an in-depth view of volatile market trends. Axiometrics' granular data-collection methods and enlightening analysis help clients make profitable -- and intelligent -- decisions. To learn more, visit www.axiometrics.com, follow @Axiometrics or on LinkedIn, or call 214-953-2242.

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