SAN RAFAEL, CA--(Marketwired - December 15, 2015) - Robbie Roberts had precious little time to enjoy the subtle honey and nectarine notes present in his cup of Guatamala Adisque coffee. Market trends were changing and his rapidly growing Joe Van Gogh brand of artisan coffee was drawing attention from some cutting-edge, national retailers. High on this list of noteworthy grocers was Austin, Texas-based Whole Foods Markets, Inc. The buyers at Whole Foods loved Robbie's product, but selling into this prestigious retailer came with some new requirements. Beginning in October, 2015 this highly regarded organization would require coffee vendors to nitrogen flush and heat seal all retail coffee bags. Their objective is to achieve a "best by" date that exceeded their existing limit of 14 days from date-of-roast. A better vacuum coffee bag sealer was required. Research revealed that gas flushed and heat sealed bags could achieve a 120-day best by date following the date-of-roast. Gas flush is a process for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP). The MAP process uses a flavorless, inert gas (often nitrogen) to displace the flavor-robbing oxygen that shortens the shelf life of coffee. This gives the retailer the ability to deliver the finest beans available -- skillfully blended and roasted -- and to offer these premium coffees with greatly extended shelf life. The leading, innovative retailers are demanding more from their coffee suppliers, and the new requirements are not limited to premium quality beans or coffee roasting artistry. It's all about extending product freshness. Read the story:

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