SINGAPORE--(Marketwired - Dec 15, 2015) - Aluminaid (, a brainchild of serial entrepreneur Carl Freer, is helping burn sufferers get the pain relief and effective treatment that they need in just seconds. Their patented burn treatment bandages provide fast pain relief and a safe dressing that ergonomically fits and conforms, able to target the problem areas rapidly to provide effective relief and a safe healing environment for burn wounds.

Aluminaid uses a state-of-the-art patented technology that cools the wound within seconds. The bandages are offered in a range of ergonomically-designed burn dressings with an improved surface coverage because each burn dressing targets key problem areas, such as the digits on the hands, skin surface areas and others.

The bandages are form-fitting, meaning that they are designed to conform to certain areas of the body to help protect the burn wound and aid in the healing process. Once applied, they grip firmly into place to create a protective, breathable barrier that also acts as a heat synch. They are also small enough to be housed within a traditional burn dressing, too.

Aluminaid's unique design helps direct or conduct the heat that emanates from burn wounds away from the wound. They also enable the flow of cold air into the dressing to help assist with providing natural pain relief. As an immediate dressing option, they have been found to be 32 times faster in application than nylon, water or gauze.

"I am pleased to be behind this revolutionary project that can help change the way burn wounds are dressed forever," explained Aluminaid spokesperson, Carl Freer. "Using outdated methods of dressing burns can cause more suffering to the victim, and can delay the healing process. But with our patented technology, fast, effective relief can be experienced, with the heat being directed away from the wound while cold air is directed in."

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