NEW YORK, NY and KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA--(Marketwired - Dec 15, 2015) -  Malaysia Pro-Guardians Security Management Corp. (OTCQB: MPGS), a highly skilled and professionally-trained security protection team, has announced today that it has reached a collaborative agreement with SkyEye:DMS, a company that analyzes each registered driver's behavior and to form various reports, all to improve the driver's driving behavior towards mobility and safety on the road.

With over 1.5 million commercial vehicles currently in Malaysia, SkyEye:DMS expects a $180 million market value per year, charging each commercial vehicle a $10 monthly subscription fee. The self-renewing fee includes technological maintenance and installation of SkyEye:DMS's proprietary surveillance equipment. MPGS has managed to become the only company in Malaysia's public and private-security sectors to collaborate with a third-party company such as SkyEye:DMS. By way of a cooperative effort, the security-management and client insurance interests of both companies will propagate and allow for greater opportunities in the future.

Hua Fung Chin, Chief Executive Officer, commented, "With increased public support and awareness of the vehicular surveillance systems and services provided under Malaysia Pro-Guardian Security Management Corp., SkyEye:DMS will continue to see an expanding target market in Malaysia, as well as a greater certainty in consumer-surveillance and protection in the commercial and interior districts. Regarding legal standards, both companies will continue to work together in concordance with Malaysian government protocol in creating a safer community to provide for both consumers and drivers in need of greater security and safety on the road."

About Malaysia Pro-Guardians Security Management Corp.: Malaysia Pro-Guardians Security Management Corp. is a highly professional protection team that upholds and maintains safety of their client interest to support our main core business in protecting our clients from any potential harm. It is the only private sector security company that is allowed to carry firearms in all of Malaysia. All of our security personnel are well trained to be professional, reliable, and highly trained to meet the highest standards in any critical situations encountered which include first aid, protocol utility, and diplomacy in a wide variety of tactical, protective, and security related subjects. Our company recognizes that each client has specific needs and objectives, which are each assessed and addressed individually; solutions are planned and tailored to the most rigorous demands. Additional information about this company is available at: 

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