SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - December 16, 2015) - InsideView powers the world's business conversations. Today InsideView announced that it continues to expand its platform, the industry's most accurate, relevant, and rich source of market intelligence. The platform, which includes company and contact data, insights, and connections, now has five times more contact coverage and increased power to handle growing data volume and velocity. Developers are accessing InsideView's platform in growing numbers to integrate its real-time data and intelligence into their business applications, powering new and innovative solutions. To further encourage innovation, InsideView announced it is offering free, self-service access to its APIs on a two-week trial basis.

To accommodate the exploding volume of Big Data and the increasing rate of data change, InsideView has increased its platform's power, content, and technology. InsideView's platform now has:

  • Increased processing power to make room for 15 times the number of data sources and 100 times the refresh velocity.
  • Expanded contact coverage 500 percent worldwide, with emphasis on European data.
  • Advanced its proprietary MTV (Multi-sourced, Triangulated, Validated) methodology, employing more advanced machine intelligence and pattern recognition frameworks. The result is precise matching, deeper text analysis, and ultimately more actionable insights.

Powerful Tools for Developers

An increasing number of developers are tapping into the InsideView platform to add value to their applications. They are using its deep data and real-time insights to enrich company and contact profiles in new and exciting applications, to find net new leads to build marketing campaigns, to do territory planning, to fuel more precise predictive analytics, to gain recruiting intelligence, and more. 

"Our developer partners are some of the most innovative in the industry and we're thrilled that our platform is fueling their success," said Jenny Cheng, Chief Product Officer at InsideView. "The integration of our APIs into their applications demonstrates how market intelligence can elevate a solution to the top of its class."

New developers can find out how easy it is to power their own solutions with InsideView data by accessing InsideView's free API trial -- a development environment where they can test InsideView's API integrations within their own applications. Developers can register for the free trial at

InsideView Market Intelligence Powers Innovative Business Applications

One year after opening the InsideView Platform, numerous technology solutions are working with InsideView data including several of the top SaaS-based predictive analytics companies, and a growing number of sales, marketing, and other business applications.

These developers have discovered how the InsideView Platform's simple rest-based APIs and clear documentation make it easy to integrate InsideView content quickly and painlessly.

Here's what some partners had to say:

  • AscendixRE: Ascendix, a leading provider of commercial real estate data management, reporting, and tracking, leverages InsideView data and intelligence, via the platform's APIs, to add depth, breadth, and quality to its clients' CRM data.

    "Integrating InsideView gives us the ability to enrich and expand our customers' CRM data, which increases the value dramatically," said Wes Snow, president of Ascendix Technologies. "The completeness and accuracy of the data, presented within AscendixRE is a game changer."
  • Infer Net New Leads: Infer's technology uses custom predictive scoring models to identify and deliver top quality net new leads to customers in order to help companies increase their win rates.

    "InsideView data combined with Infer's predictive models enables companies to surface net new leads that are a good fit for their product," said Sean Zinsmeister, Infer's Director of Product Marketing. "To attract new customers and grow their businesses, companies are tapping into InsideView's rich contact data and prioritizing their efforts with Infer."
  • QuotaFactory Prospect Relationship Management: QuotaFactory is empowering its SDR customers to tap into InsideView's market intelligence through its market-leading Prospect Relationship Management platform to find and import new contacts/leads into their workflow with the click of a button.

    "Sales development reps have an insatiable need for more of the right contacts. It's how they hit their numbers," said Peter Gracey, CEO of QuotaFactory. "By integrating InsideView company and contact data into the Prospect Relationship Management (PRM) platform via InsideView APIs, our customers can tap directly into InsideView's database and import new contacts with the click of a mouse."
  • Riva Insight: Riva brings InsideView market intelligence into Outlook and Lotus Notes through Riva Insight, a solution that integrates CRM data and social insights into the two email clients.

    "Supplementing CRM data with InsideView's real-time data and insights adds significant value to Riva Insight," said Aldo Zanoni, Riva CEO and corporate visionary. "The integration allows us to deliver richer data in a simpler workflow."

For more information about the InsideView Platform visit To learn more about the InsideView APIs, visit

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