CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwired - Dec 16, 2015) - Yello, the leading web and mobile recruitment platform, today announced the release of a new thought leadership piece, "2016: The Year of Recruitment Transparency." In this guide, the company presents cutting-edge ideas on how employers can fully embrace recruiting transparency to help them find, engage and hire right-fit talent in a competitive job market.

"In 2016, companies lacking transparency will not win top talent. Job seekers no longer wait for companies to provide insight into their people, culture and perks; they actively seek this information out themselves," said Jason Weingarten, co-founder and CEO of Yello. "In this new reality, employers must be proactive to define their employer brand, convey their employee value proposition and highlight the employment experience. Transparency is a must."

Today's candidates are more informed than ever, with access to job review sites like Glassdoor, LinkedIn and The Muse that enable them to learn about the company and its work culture. At a time when candidates spend more time researching potential opportunities and employers before they apply, companies must be able to provide greater transparency up front or risk missing out on the best applicants. Drawing from its considerable experience in campus, professional, high volume and specialty recruitment, Yello provides the insights and best practices companies can implement immediately to improve their hiring throughout 2016 and beyond.

Among the highlights of the guide, Yello offers recruitment strategies to create more clear-cut goals, provide a transparent candidate experience and achieve greater authenticity, including:

  • Meet candidates where they are: Packaging the information job seekers need to make a decision, such as salary information, company culture and more, by engaging on the platforms candidates use to research opportunities will make it easier to get the information they want. At the same time, updating company profiles regularly and responding to reviews are also essential to meeting candidate demands for more insight up front.
  • Increase correspondence: A timely and collaborative candidate communication strategy is key to hiring top talent before the competition does. Setting applicant response time goals and incorporating more touch points into the candidate lifecycle, such as sending candidates and interviewers reminders before scheduled interviews, will help improve transparency and the candidate experience.
  • Deliver an authentic view: Having the team create videos showing what it's like to work for the company will provide the authentic view into the employer brand. This will help right-fit talent decide to apply and others to opt out. Using social media to share such content will help to connect with candidates and tell the brand story more effectively.

For additional recruitment strategies and best practices to increase recruiting transparency, download "2016: The Year of Recruitment Transparency" at:

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