TORONTO, ON--(Marketwired - December 17, 2015) - On behalf of member medical officers of health and boards of health, the Association of Local Public Health Agencies (alPHa) would like to congratulate the Minister of Health on the release of his proposed vision for the health system in Ontario. We are pleased to see the population health expertise of local public health recognized in the discussion paper.

"I am very pleased to see a strong role for local public health included in Patients First," says Dr. Miriam Klassen, Chair of the Council of Ontario Medical Officers of Health. "We look forward to reviewing the proposal put forward by government and providing input to ensure that investments in keeping people healthy remain a cornerstone of the pledge to change and improve Ontario's health system."

While improving the system that cares for the sick and injured is important, an essential part of the transformation is a stronger focus on keeping people healthy.

"That's where local public health comes into play," says alPHa Vice-President, Dr. Valerie Jaeger, Medical Officer of Health for Niagara Region. "We create hubs for innovation and cross-sector collaboration in communities across Ontario; providing essential leadership in the development of policies, programs and services that support population health and health equity. We look forward to being part of a transformation committed to improving health outcomes for all Ontarians."

It is now understood that good health comes from a variety of factors and influences, the majority of which are not related to the health care delivery system. In addition to working with primary care in communities across Ontario, local public health will continue to focus on its mandate to advance the factors that contribute to the health and well-being of the population through multi-sectoral partnerships at the municipal level, and advocacy for all of government approaches to healthy public policy.

About alPHa

The Association of Local Public Health Agencies (alPHa) is a non-profit organization that provides leadership to Ontario's boards of health and public health units. The Association works with governments and other health organizations, to advocate for a strong and effective local public health system in the province, as well as public health policies, programs and services that benefit all Ontarians. 


The Council of Ontario Medical Officers of Health (COMOH) is a section of alPHa that provides a forum for local medical officers of health and associate medical officers of health to take leadership on issues that are important to the overall health of the communities they serve.

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