REDWOOD CITY, CA--(Marketwired - Dec 17, 2015) - A malicious cybersecurity attack is currently taking place on the Internet at an unprecedented scale, according to Nominum, the innovative leader of DNS security. The company, whose Domain Name System (DNS) protection software is deployed in over 40 countries, has not seen an attack of this size and scale in more than two years. This attack has great potential of affecting the global online community at large and costing Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and online businesses millions of dollars.

The cyber attack was discovered by Nominum's data scientists. In the last three days, Nominum has seen more than a 500% increase in the number of random subdomain DNS attack queries. The company has determined the increase in activity to be caused by cyber attackers who are exploiting hundreds of thousands of open home gateways around the world to launch the attacks. For ISPs that are vulnerable, the impact is tremendous. These types of attacks occur sporadically and scale to full force within seconds, having the potential to cause significant immediate and pervasive damage.

"This particular attack has tremendous destructive potential because it's occurring during the holiday season, turning online consumers into victims and potentially damaging the brand reputation of innocent ISPs who must be especially vigilant because significant revenue is at stake," said Pete Wisowaty, Executive Vice President at Nominum. "For ISPs that are vulnerable to this attack, the best case scenario is that their networks slow down, frustrating online consumers," he continued. "The worst case scenario is that their DNS servers crash and all online activity comes to a halt. ISPs must then allocate tremendous resources to rebuild credibility."

Nominum's DNS ThreatAvert solution automatically throttles unwanted DNS traffic while ensuring that legitimate queries get answered. ThreatAvert's Global Intelligence Xchange (GIX) dynamic threat lists and precision policies target malicious traffic, protecting provider networks against fast changing threats. ThreatAvert operates from an ideal vantage point with 100% visibility, adding an essential new layer of protection with comprehensive coverage and instant response deterring threats propagating within networks.

More information about the current cyber attack and Nominum's ThreatAvert solution is discussed in the accompanying video, which can be viewed at


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