1st Pitch Life Science Competitions Names PathoVax as “Best of the Best” of 2015

Maryland-Based Developer of a Proprietary HPV Vaccine Triumphs Over Field of Six Previous “Best In Show” Winners

Scotch Plains, New Jersey, UNITED STATES

NEW YORK, Dec. 17, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Mid-Atlantic Bio Angels (MABA) announces today that PathoVax, LLC, a Maryland-based company that is developing a unique vaccine against human papillomavirus (HPV), was named “Best of the Best” at MABA's 1st Pitch Life Science year-end event on December 7, 2015. The 1st Pitch Life Sciences Best of the Best competition pitted previous “Best in Show” winners from New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia competitions throughout 2015. The event was held at the New York Genome Center in Manhattan.

"Commercializing therapeutics is hard, but against six other strong presenters, all of whom were "Best in Show" winners from prior 1st Pitch events, Joshua Wang wowed the audience with his passion regarding the benefits of PathoVax's research and his commitment to moving their technology forward," commented Stephen Goodman, a partner at Pryor Cashman, LLP and a co-founder of Mid Atlantic Bio Angels.

PathoVax describes its technology, RGVax, a broad spectrum HPV vaccine as being expected to provide protection against all clinically relevant HPV types. Pre-clinical peer-reviewed published studies have demonstrated that the RGVax prototype utilizes similar technology as approved vaccines to conserve safety profiles, yet may also provide protection against at least 27 HPVs, including all 15 high-risk cervical cancer-causing types, with one VLP (Virus-Like Particle).

PathoVax has also previously reported that the National Cancer Institute awarded a multi-million dollar grant to the RGVax inventors- Dr. Reinhard Kirnbauer (Medical University Vienna), and Dr. Richard Roden (Johns Hopkins Medicine)- both scientific advisory board members of PathoVax, to accelerate the RGVax technology to human clinical trials. PathoVax is also in the process of engaging firms to bring onboard innovative platforms to tackle other major issues facing vaccine distribution.

"We are gratified to receive the honor of “Best of the Best” among a field of very respectable and innovative companies. We believe that the opportunity to demonstrate our experience and know-how to highly experienced and knowledgeable industry veterans and to be recognized among our peers demonstrates the value of our approach.” said Joshua Wang, co-founder of PathoVax. “We look forward to the opportunity to apply the lessons we gained from this event and the initial 1st Pitch experience, as well as the possibility of continued dialogue for feedback with many of the investors and business professionals who were in the room."

About PathoVax

PathoVax LLC is a private biotechnology start-up co-founded by 3 passionate Johns Hopkins graduates: Weijie Poh, Joshua Wang and Nicholas Calcaterra. PathoVax is developing RGVax, a superior Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine to address the devastating economic burden, social stigma, costly manufacturing, and poor compliance rates resulting from the recognized limitations and incomplete protection of current HPV vaccines. Backed by inventors who were keenly involved in developing current HPV vaccines, the RGVax technology has received substantial funding support from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) for critical milestones to accelerate clinical testing. With strategic partnerships, RGVax's superior properties are expected to favor rapid market uptake in a $2 billion annual revenue segment. For more information, visit: www.pathovax.com.

About 1st Pitch Life Science

At a 1st Pitch event (http://www.1stpitchlifescience.com), early stage life sciences and healthcare companies make a 15-minute presentation to a panel of experienced life science investors and consultants, followed by a 15-minute audience Q&A. However, where actual investors would then ask the presenting company to leave the room during their subsequent discussion, presenting companies at 1st Pitch are invited to hear the panel constructively critique the company's presentation, business model and perceived viability in the market.

About MABA

Mid Atlantic Bio Angels (http://bioangels.net) is a group of active angel investors, which meets in New York City monthly (except July and August) solely to hear from pre-screened early-stage life science companies. MABA members consist of individuals from Delaware to Massachusetts with significant expertise and experience in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, including former and current corporate executives, doctors and Ph.D. scientists with product development backgrounds, successful medical entrepreneurs and analyst/investors focused on life sciences. MABA's goal is to create an environment where the depth of investors' knowledge coupled with the pre-screening of presenting companies enhances the potential for meaningful investment.


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