NASHVILLE, TN--(Marketwired - Jan 7, 2016) - Rapsodo, a sports technology company that empowers athletes and coaches with affordable, data-driven training solutions, today announced the launch of Rapsodo Baseball, a new lightweight portable baseball pitch training and analytics product.

Designed to make elite training technology accessible to high schools, universities, travel teams, baseball academies, semi-pro teams, scouts and major league organizations, Rapsodo Baseball captures key pitching data and wirelessly shares that information in real-time with the free Rapsodo Baseball iPad application. The application allows the user to visualize key pitching information such as velocity, spin, tilt axis, strike zone position, 3D trajectories and much more. That information can be used to provide immediate feedback to players, or indexed and stored to track progress over time. 

"Pitchers train countless hours to perfect their mechanics for the season. By tracking every pitch, we are able to give them, and their coaches, unprecedented insights into their performance," said Batuhan Okur, founder of Rapsodo. "Historically, pitch analysis technology has been limited to Major League Baseball organizations and top-tier college programs due to its costs, which can be upwards of $20,000 per unit. But with new breakthroughs in technology, we're able to drive down the costs associated with these solutions and give aspiring athletes of all ages and skill levels amazing tools and data to help improve their game, with no compromise in accuracy."

Rapsodo leverages a proprietary, patent-pending technology that combines imaging and radar to capture ball movement and render 3D measurements of each pitch's velocity, spin, tilt axis and break. This data is then processed to gain a powerful understanding of every pitch thrown. Coaches and players can evaluate this information to master a variety of pitches and speeds.

Key features of Rapsodo Baseball include:

  • Over 10 meaningful statistics and visuals at your fingertips -- including spin axis, speed, strike zone analysis (via percentage and spray chart), ball trajectories, pitch count, vertical and horizontal break and more.
  • Lightweight and portable -- simply attach to a tripod directly behind home plate and the catcher, facing the pitcher, and connect wirelessly with the free iPad application.
  • Multi-player management -- track and index players over time.
  • Highly accurate and affordable -- measure pitches from Little League to professional speeds (100+ mph) with complete detail and accuracy of a professional-grade device at a fraction of the cost.

Rapsodo officially unveiled its solution at the American Baseball Coaches Association Conference in Nashville, Tenn. Show attendees can see Rapsodo Baseball in action by visiting Booth #123 in the exhibition space. For more information about how to analyze pitch data and use Rapsodo Baseball, visit

About Rapsodo
Rapsodo develops data-driven sports technologies designed to empower athletes and coaches to cost-effectively analyze and improve their game. Founded in 2010, the company developed the first affordable golf personal launch monitor, distributed in the USA under SkyTrak. With several patents pending, the company continues to focus on delivering a variety of sport training and simulation technologies that allow users to better understand performance through reliable statistics. This ultimately translates into Rapsodo's motto of "Measure to Master." To learn more, visit

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