TORONTO, ON--(Marketwired - January 13, 2016) - Following Sentry Investments Inc.'s ("Sentry's") announcement last week about management fee reductions across its mutual fund lineup and industry-leading preferred pricing, Sentry is pleased to now be able to elaborate on its plans to simplify its fund series.

Pending the required approvals, Sentry will implement the following changes in April 2016:

  • Re-designate current investors who purchased Series A and T under a back-end option (low load or deferred sales charge) into a newly created Series B and corresponding fixed-rate distribution series; this allows Sentry to replace the previously implemented fee rebates with formal management fee reductions for current investors who purchased Series A and T under the front end (ISC) option. Investors with balances over $100,000 will still receive preferred pricing rebates.
  • Re-designate Series P, PF, PT and PFT into the corresponding Series A, F, T and FT of the same fund, which now have similar preferred pricing features.

"In order to provide lower prices immediately, we implemented fee rebates for front-end Series A and T investors," said Kos Lazaridis, Vice-President, Product, Sentry Investments. "With our proposed series changes, we will be able to formally reduce those fees while also simplifying our fund series to A, B, F, O and I, along with any corresponding fixed-rate distribution series."

These series re-designations will not result in a taxable event for investors. The transitions from Series P, PF, PT and PFT to corresponding Series A, F, T and FT will be a switch transaction within the same mutual fund trust or corporate class structure. Series A and T investors in the current back-end purchase options will be part of a new series, with the same attributes and fund codes, so they will simply see a new series name on their statements.

The re-designation of investors in Sentry's mutual fund trusts will occur automatically in April upon the expiry of any applicable notice periods, while the re-designation of investors in Sentry's corporate classes requires securityholder approval. In order to seek the necessary approvals to effect these changes in April, Sentry intends to call special meetings of corporate class securityholders to be held in March.


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