CEO Jay Cohen and IQ Formulations Highlighted in Business View Magazine for Incredible Growth and Unique Company Philosophy

Tamarac, FL, Jan. 13, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Leading nutritional supplement manufacturer IQ Formulations and its CEO Jay Cohen were the focus of a detailed feature piece recently published in Business View Magazine. The eight-page-long article in the publication’s January issue highlights Cohen’s vision of elevating the standards of the supplement industry when creating IQ Formulations in 2010, and the incredible success story that has followed.   

“Cohen’s firm has been on an astonishing trajectory of growth since its inception, going from less than $124,000 in 2010 revenue, to 2015 sales of $20 million, today – a growth rate of 5,428 percent over the last three years,” the article states. But as the piece also notes, the CEO was set on doing things his own way, seeking to bring top-quality formulations to an industry that had lost sight of its true purpose.  

The response was strong. As Cohen says in the article: “People welcomed it with open arms, because it was such a different philosophy, such a different product line. It brought integrity back into the industry. Our philosophy was to become a vertically integrated company that would put the research, the development, the manufacturing, and the production all under one roof. It was like a breath of fresh air.”

Customers were even willing to pay a premium for the products due to their superiority. “We felt consumers were ready for that,” Cohen continued. “They found that when they drank [our product], they felt better…felt healthier…lost weight and had more energy. It transformed that segment of the marketplace within a year.”

While the company continues to experience overwhelming consumer demand on an ongoing basis, CEO Jay Cohen is sure to regulate the growth to ensure optimum product quality and consistency – part of IQ Formulations’ key commitment to the customers it serves. Built upon a strong belief that it is their duty to help educate people about what they put into their bodies, the company seeks to elevate standards, not just for its own products, but for the supplement industry overall. IQ Formulations’ high-tech facilities, rigorous product testing and elite supplements, as well as its commitment to philanthropy, clearly demonstrate this mission of leading by example.

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