LONDON, ENGLAND--(Marketwired - Jan. 20, 2016) - Despite ongoing economic volatility and an emerging market slump to contend with, container traffic continues to climb, driven both by the onward march of globalisation and increased trade. With this, the number and size of container ships has risen dramatically, and the stress on companies to keep pace with demand is greater now than it ever has been. Hamburg-based Magellan Maritime Services has done a great deal to accommodate this surge in demand, and it's for this reason and others that it has received The New Economy award for the Container Trading and Leasing Company of the Year.

"Containers have come to symbolise globalisation; hardly anything else represents the global networked economy to the same degree," says Carsten Jans, CEO of Magellan Maritime Services. "Different types of container have emerged, and increasing numbers and volumes of goods are containerised in packaging for shipping - and the increasing containerisation ratio is still rising."

With the market for container trading and leasing on the up, the part played by Magellan Maritime Services and others in the industry is important if global trade is to realise its full potential. The company, which ranks among the top 20 container leasing organisations worldwide, has been recognised by The New Economy both for its ability to stay ahead of the curve and satisfy an insatiable appetite for containers the world over.

To find out more about why Magellan Maritime Services was selected for the best container trading and leasing company of the year award, see the new issue of The New Economy, available to read in print and online now.

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