Vaught Eye Associates Raising Awareness About the Dangers of Too Much Screen Time for Kids

CONWAY, S.C., Jan. 24, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Too much "screen time" has been an issue in the public domain for some time, but little mention is made of the impact that excessive screen time has on children's eyes. In light of this, Vaught Eye Associates, located in Conway, SC, is announcing renewed efforts to educate young patients about spending too much time in front of screens and how doing so can trigger a variety of vision-related problems. Last month, Dr. James Vaught and his team kick-started a campaign for raising awareness among local parents and their kids about the very real hazards of excessive screen time and how it can lead to serious conditions like Computer Vision Syndrome.

For decades now, parents have been concerned about the impact television has on their kids' health. Those concerns are even more pronounced with the addition of smartphones, tablets, computers and other devices. In fact, mobile devices may cause even more pronounced issues for those who use them too frequently. Their use has given rise to a condition called Computer Vision Syndrome, also known as Digital Eye Strain. Characterized by eye discomfort and vision problems, the condition consists of a group of eye- and vision-related problems that are directly linked with prolonged time in front of digital screens. Vaught Eye Associates hopes to raise awareness about it for the benefit of young patients.

Computer Vision Syndrome causes a variety of symptoms, including headache, eye strain, dry eyes, shoulder and neck pain and blurred vision. These symptoms typically subside shortly after a person stops reading from a screen, but they may recur more frequently and more quickly with repeated use of such devices. The devices themselves aren't to blame. Rather, things like glare, poor lighting, poor posture and improper viewing distance are the real culprits. As evidenced by the patients who are coming in to Vaught Eye Associateshowever, it is clear that excessive screen time is causing vision-related issues for many children.

To complicate matters, conditions like Computer Vision Syndrome may be exacerbated by undetected, undiagnosed vision problems. "This is yet another reason why we urge parents to bring their kids in for regular eye exams," said Dr. Vaught. "Don't wait until your child is complaining about headaches, blurry vision and other screen-time-related problems," he added. "By coming in regularly, parents and their kids can stay one step ahead of the problem."

As for treating Computer Vision Syndrome, Dr. Vaught's advice is sure to be unpopular with kids: Step away from the screen. Parents are advised to limit kids' screen time to one to two hours per day. To ensure that vision problems don't go undetected, parents are also urged to bring their kids in for routine eye exams. Located in Conway, SC, Vaught Eye Associates is an optometry clinic serving clients of all ages. Appointments can be made by calling (843) 488-2020.


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