OVIEDO, Fla., Jan. 24, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Trinity Eye Associates is pleased to offer a suite of innovative Vision Therapy Services to the Oviedo, Florida area and surrounding regions. Vision therapies offered by Trinity Eye Associates include Orthoptic Vision Therapy, Behavioral Vision Therapy, Visual Processing & Perception, Sensory Therapy, Syntonic Phototherapy and more.

Orthoptic Vision Therapy involves a series of exercises specially designed to improve binocular function, or the way the eyes work together in visual processing. This type of therapy is ideal for pediatric optometry and can assist children with conditions like strabismus or amblyopia. Other binocular vision issues can include focusing disorders, eye movement problems and convergence insufficiency. Since these therapies are non-surgical and painless, they are ideal for kids as well as adults in correcting vision over time.

Behavioral Vision Therapy also includes Perception Therapy and Visual Processing. These focus on enhancing visual discrimination, or the ability to discern between things. These specialized therapies also assist with the ability to separate an object from its background, and help improve the ability to retain visual information (visual memory). Sensory learning/sensory integration therapy is used in conjunction with visual therapies to enhance results. Senses like taste, touch, smell and hearing can assist in visual integration. Syntonic phototherapy refers to light therapy, which uses light at specific frequencies to help resolve dysfunctions.

Trinity Eye Associates favors advanced scientifically proven techniques and vision therapies to help clients achieve the best possible results. They are family-oriented and assist children through their pediatric clinic. Good vision is particularly important for young children in learning and development. The staff at Trinity Eye Associates offers vision therapy services for patients as young as six months of age. They conduct a thorough exam and then develop a custom vision therapy treatment plan to improve visual acuity as well as the functioning of the visual system as a whole.

Dr. Jill Ellison explains, “Your vision is precious, and a visual disability can make life much more difficult. It impacts daily activities as well as one’s level of independence. However, vision therapy helps patients develop a better visual capacity over time.” Dr. Don Ellison adds, “Eye health and genetic conditions such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and low vision can cause dramatically reduced vision with few available surgical or medical options. That’s where our state-of-the-art therapies combined with technologically advanced equipment can make all the difference.”

Trinity Eye Associates is located at 3635 Aloma Avenue in Oviedo, Florida. Those interested in learning more about their Vision Therapy Services, pediatric eye care and other optical services for the whole family can call (407) 678-9151. Interested parties may also visit the Trinity Eye Associates website and browse the specifics of each service offered in more detail.

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