AVIEMORE, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwired - Jan. 25, 2016) - Adoption of Quarch Technology Ltd's XLC Programmable Power Modules among industry leaders is growing fast. Since its showcase at the Flash Memory Summit, the expanding community of Quarch users has been joined by a number of independent drive performance reviewers and test labs, including The SSD Review, Tom's IT PRO and MYCE, showing that the Quarch XLC PPM is emerging as the industry standard for drive power testing.

Capability to test low power sleep states - down to 100μA - has clearly impressed Wendy Robertson from MYCE. She writes that using the Quarch equipment enables MYCE to "bring our readers the most comprehensive, and accurate, power consumption tests ever carried out on consumer grade storage devices."

Sean Webster at The SSD Review explains, "We came across Quarch Technology at Flash Memory Summit and secured an amazing piece of equipment to use in our future reviews. To show our readers the power consumption of different drives, their XLC Programmable Power Module is quite honestly perfect. The Quarch XLC PPM enables us to easily and accurately analyze and log the power consumption of a device."

Paul Alcorn from Tom's IT PRO highlights the module's flexibility and ease of use. "Our search for the one device that measures the power consumption of every type of storage device ends with the Quarch XLC Programmable Power Module. We use several of the Quarch modules in our busy test lab to measure the power consumption of every type of storage device, including HDDs and SSDs in SAS, SATA, PCIe AIC and U.2 form factors. One of the most attractive features of the XLC PPM is its ability to displace multiple pieces of equipment, such as two bench power supplies, two scopes and two current probes, with one small device."

Ease of use is definitely an important factor in the enthusiastic take-up of Quarch Technology's power modules. Quarch CEO, Mike Dearman, states, "Our power modules allow engineers, reviewers and end users to measure power very easily with no modifications or complex setup - and at a low price point. With continuous data collection at sample rates up to 15K samples/s, high dynamic range (50µA-14A) and convenient fixturing, the modules are cheaper, more accurate and much easier to install than competitive solutions."

It's not only drive performance reviewers who are impressed; leading provider of storage test, validation and benchmarking solutions, OakGate Technology, has added extensive integration between its test bench and Quarch Power Modules. Users can access the device under test directly from OakGate's Storage Validation Framework (SVF) user interface and exercise power control, measurement and margining features.

Power Injection fixtures are now available for PCIe x8, PCIe x16, PCIe SFF, SAS and SATA from factors. M.2 and USB 3 fixtures are also planned.

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About Quarch: Quarch Technology Ltd is a world leading supplier of automated test tools for Storage Systems. Scalable test systems enable manufacturers and re-sellers of data storage to get to market faster with a more reliable product. Their ground breaking and highly customizable solutions can be tailored to customers' needs, allowing the system to achieve a very rapid return on investment in any test environment.

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