NASHVILLE, TN--(Marketwired - January 25, 2016) - Omnis Health, a diabetes category leader in innovative, value driven blood glucose monitoring systems, today announced the launch of the GlucoPAW™ Blood Glucose Monitoring System. With GlucoPAW™, pet owners now have a system specifically designed to help them accurately, easily, affordably, and safely test their "best friends'" glucose levels to help ensure long, healthy, happy lives.

Nearly 80 million U.S. households own a cat or dog.1 One in every 100 to 500 cats and dogs will be diagnosed with diabetes.2 That's a total of more than 350,000 cats and 150,000 dogs who have diabetes. Canine and feline diabetes can almost always be successfully managed when treated with insulin. With regular testing and correct treatment, pets with diabetes can live a normal and healthy life. An accurate and safe blood glucose monitoring system is a critical tool to assist pet owners in helping to monitor and manage their pet's glucose levels.

"We recognized a critical need to introduce a blood glucose monitoring system specifically to support the needs of pet owners," said Cathy Pereira, Executive Vice-President -- Global Sales and Marketing. "The fact that GlucoPAW™ is designed especially for use with dogs and cats helps ensure more accurate results and certainly provides a higher level of confidence among pet owners."

In 2015, pet owners will spend an estimated $14.39 billion on supplies and OTC medicine -- $60 billion overall. That includes pet owners who regularly visit retail pharmacies to purchase insulin and other accessories to help them manage their pet's diabetes. The GlucoPAW™ Blood Glucose Monitoring System represents another helpful tool that pet owners can access to monitor their pets' diabetes.

"The introduction of the GlucoPAW™ System represents a significant opportunity for retailers to address the specific diabetes testing needs of pets with a system designed just for them. Pet owners want the best for their pets, and, as evidenced by the billions of dollars spent on supplies and OTC medicines alone, they are willing to invest to ensure their pets are well cared for and can enjoy life to the fullest," Pereira said.

"GlucoPAW™ would be an easy addition to their 'human' blood glucose monitoring portfolio -- and, of course, their pet supplies category -- and a logical add-on sale to customers already purchasing insulin for their pets at their pharmacy. Best of all, the GlucoPAW™ System also offers a high cash-register ring and high margin to go along with it."

Pereira continued, "Omnis Health understands that when it comes to diabetes one size doesn't fit all. We continue to innovate and expand our product portfolio to develop specific products, or re-package our current portfolio, to address these specific needs -- whether that means a nine-week supply to support pregnant moms diagnosed with gestational diabetes or pet owners seeking accurate, safe diabetes testing."

The GlucoPAW™ Blood Glucose Meter provides results in six seconds, has a large, easy-to-read screen, and stores up to 300 tests in memory allowing users to track glucose levels over time. Obtaining accurate results only requires a small sample size, infringing less pain on the pets. The meter also features alternate site testing, to obtain accurate results from any of four different areas -- paws, legs, ears, and lips.

The GlucoPAW™ Blood Glucose Monitoring System comes in one complete kit, with the GlucoPAW™ Meter, 50 GlucoPAW™ Test Strips, Lancing Device and 50 Lancets, Control Solution, Feline and Canine Code Keys, Compact Carrying Case, User's Manual, Test Results Log Book, and a Quick Reference Guide.

For more information about the GlucoPAW™ Blood Glucose Monitoring System, visit or to inquire about stocking the GlucoPAW™ System, contact an Omnis Health representative at 877-979-5454.

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Omnis Health is committed to providing high quality, high value diabetes testing products while helping people improve their overall health. Our deep understanding of diabetes and the challenges facing people with diabetes allows us to adapt to the ever-changing healthcare environment and deliver dependable, affordable blood glucose monitoring systems. Our portfolio expands beyond diabetes testing for humans to include a system designed specifically for diabetes testing in dogs and cats. Omnis Health is a trusted partner for the nation's leading pharmacies, durable medical equipment providers, wholesale distributors, medical professionals, and specialty retailers alike. For more information, visit



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