WASHINGTON, DC--(Marketwired - January 25, 2016) - First Down Funding has quickly established itself as one of North America's premier alternative lenders for small and medium-sized businesses, with an adaptive model and wide range of merchant services designed to assist businesses at all stages -- from those just being founded to the well-established that are seeking to expand. In addition to reliability, stellar financial advice and excellent customer service, First Down Funding (FDF) has also been known for their flexibility, often able to get clients approved and funded within 24 hours. Now, in accordance with their mission to provide financial assistance to business owner in need, First Down Funding has announced the creation of their Latin American Sales Division for the U.S. and Canada featuring agents and executives fully fluent in Spanish.

With their numerous years of industry experience, the lending experts at First Down Funding are all too familiar with the challenges small and medium-sized business owners regularly face. For new business owners, acquiring the initial start-up capital is of course one of the largest. Banks often freeze out promising entrepreneurs by demanding the type of security and collateral that no individual founding a new business will have, or else will offer loans with outlandish interest rates. Existing business owners are also faced with similar hurdles. Ironically, they will often find it difficult to obtain loans to implement the very improvements necessary to achieve the kind of profitability banks and other traditional lenders require before offering a manageable loan. With all these challenges, the last thing an aspiring business owner needs is difficulty in securing a loan due to a language barrier. Having already addressed the financial aspects by approving 85% of applicants for one of their fast, affordable and flexible loans, First Down Funding is now ensuring that Spanish speaking entrepreneurs can just as easily take advantage of their vital services.

The United States was recently shown to have 41 million native Spanish speakers and 11.6 million bilingual individuals -- which is the second largest population of Spanish speakers in the world second only to Mexico. While its numbers are certainly lower than the U.S., Canada has also been shown to have quite a large number of Spanish speakers. With the considerable size of this demographic, it was clear to First Down Funding that to give every entrepreneur an equal chance, it was necessary to institute a Latin American division. So far, the response has been overwhelming as Spanish/Latin American clients have finally found a reputable lender than not only provides fast and affordable loans with personalized service but also ensures ease of communication in their preferred language. One such client enthusiastically stated: "Working with First Down Funding is an incredible experience. They are currently helping out my tenants as I own several shopping centers across the East Coast. Speaking Spanish has always been a problem as the language barrier can create difficulties, but with First Down Funding, they found a way to make it work!" Another Spanish speaking client, currently the owner of four Outback Steakhouse restaurants, expressed similar sentiments: "Every hurdle I have [been] faced with in the past was no issue at all...I have traveled my entire life and finally have found the right mix of financial help with First Down Funding."

First Down Funding is a Washington DC/Maryland based company specializing in structuring and approving cash advances for small to medium-sized businesses. With affordable rates, transparent fees, fixed payment schedules and a fast and simple process that allows 30 second applications and funding within 24 hours, they allow business owners throughout the US and Canada receive the funding they need when they need it. The experts at First Down Funding also provide valuable financial advice and give each client the attention necessary to create a personalized solution.

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