AppliedMicro Selected as the Exclusive Server Provider for the Horizon 2020-Funded UniServer Project in the European Union

Using AppliedMicro’s Innovative X-Gene® Server-on-a-Chip™, UniServer Will Deliver a Universal Micro-Server Ecosystem by Exceeding Energy and Performance Scaling Boundaries

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Jan. 25, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Applied Micro Circuits Corporation (Nasdaq:AMCC), a global leader in computing and connectivity solutions, today announced that the company’s innovative X-Gene® Server-on-a-Chip® solution is the exclusive server platform that will be used to develop UniServer, a universal system architecture and software ecosystem for servers. The UniServer technology will be ported on the X-Gene solution and evaluated using smart emerging applications deployed in both classic cloud business data-centers and in newer environments closer to the data sources. The 3-year project is funded by the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation program in the European Union, totaling 4.8M €.

Representing the high end of all ARM processors, X-Gene was selected for its ability to serve both data-center infrastructures, as well as small scale centers. As part of the project, AppliedMicro will develop custom-made platforms based on X-Gene that address the complexities associated with Big Data and IoT applications. The data-center-in-a-box will include a number of key features including extensive debug capabilities, explicit support for voltage setting and pre-core frequency scaling, error monitoring, advanced DRAM capabilities and performance counters.

“The goal of UniServer is to improve the energy efficiency, performance, dependability and security of current state-of-the-art micro-servers and AppliedMicro quickly emerged as the platform of choice for this research after an extensive market search,” said Dr. Georgios Karakonstantis, project coordinator and scientific director, UniServer. “With two generations of its X-Gene technology already in production and the third generation sampling later this year, AppliedMicro offers one of the most competitive processors on the market for data center and scale-out environments bringing to UniServer a range of advanced and unique capabilities .”

“AppliedMicro is excited to be a member of the UniServer Consortium to bring a cohesive server platform to the European Union,” said Paramesh Gopi, president and CEO of AppliedMicro. “The pervasiveness and proven ability of the X-Gene platform complements the goal of the UniServer project to improve the performance of servers that run internet and cloud-based services, while also reducing design, implementation costs and power consumption.” 

AppliedMicro is joined in the UniServer consortium by partners covering a wide range of scientific, research and engineering expertise, including ARM, IBM, The Queen’s University of Belfast, University of Athens, Thessaly and Cyprus, Worldsensing, Meritorius and Sparsity. With a goal of developing an advanced micro-server platform enhanced with unique features by the year 2019, the UniServer research project (grant no. 688540) will officially kick off in February 2016.

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