WALTHAM, MA--(Marketwired - Jan 26, 2016) - CloudLock®, the leading provider of Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) and Cybersecurity-as-a-Service solutions, today announced it is working with AirWatch® on identity management and enterprise mobility management with CASB and cloud cybersecurity capabilities. The convergence of mobile, cloud and identities has extended the corporate perimeter, leading to new vulnerabilities. This collaboration is designed to provide organizations control over user identities and can help protect users, accounts and applications from account compromise, data breaches and cloud malware across cloud infrastructure and mobile devices.

The solution will combine VMware Identity Manager™, AirWatch by VMware Enterprise Mobility Management™ and CloudLock's CASB and cybersecurity solution to provide extensive visibility and control over user identity access rights and privileges across hybrid and multi-cloud environments, including SaaS, PaaS and IaaS cloud platforms, as well as mobile devices.

CloudLock defends against account compromise with cross-platform User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) for SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, and IDaaS environments. Through advanced machine learning, CloudLock detects anomalies in account usage based on factors such as activities outside of whitelisted countries and actions across distances in an impossible amount of time.

Additionally, CloudLock is now listed on the AirWatch marketplace. CloudLock can be accessed using VMware Identity Manager via SAML, enabling security professionals to easily manage user access. CloudLock is also working to extend CASB security controls with AirWatch.

Consider the example of an individual using VMware Identity Manager to authenticate to a cloud platform monitored by CloudLock on a device protected by AirWatch. While each solution may individually detect anomalous activity, aggregating the data streams of all three solutions harmonizes on-premises, cloud, and mobile cybersecurity intelligence and capabilities for a comprehensive understanding of cyber threats and meaningful security insight.

Correlating multiple incidents, such as a user's attempt to login from an atypical geography (as detected by VMware Identity Manager and AirWatch), and an unusually high volume of file download within the monitored cloud application (as seen by CloudLock), makes this possible.

Through an integrated and enriched data feed, organizations gain the sufficient intelligence to identify and eliminate threats that would otherwise go undetected. Additionally, the strengths of each solution can be leveraged to respond to the threat: AirWatch can take predetermined compliance actions on compromised devices, VMware Identity Manager can require multi-factor authentication upon the next login, while CloudLock leverages deep, API-driven integration with cloud platforms to remediate risk by automating capabilities native to the monitored platforms, such as encryption or quarantine.

"As the CASB market leader, this collaboration extends that leadership to the identity management and enterprise mobility management space with a significant security solution," said John Amaral, Head of Product Delivery at CloudLock. "This is a very important collaboration for us and industry security leaders, CIOs and CISOs. We are very excited to work with VMware to bring a comprehensive solution to our mutual customers."

"VMware's extensive mobility ecosystem enables our customers to bring additional layers of security and threat defense automation to their mobile programs," said Noah Wasmer, senior vice president of mobile engineering and product management, End-User Computing, VMware. "Organizations are discovering how CASB solutions combined with identity management and EMM bring a new level of automation and security for full-scale cloud security. VMware Identity Manager, VMware AirWatch Enterprise Mobility Management and CloudLock CASB empowers organizations to further protect their users, devices, accounts and information across cloud environments."

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