ANNAPOLIS, MD--(Marketwired - January 26, 2016) - South River Technologies, Inc. (SRT), an innovator in secure file transfer, has released WebDrive 2016, a new version of the popular WebDrive File Access Client. WebDrive 2016 adds productivity benefits, including a more flexible licensing and technical support structure.

WebDrive maps a drive letter or mounts a device to remote servers and cloud services. WebDrive 2016 adds integration with new connectors like Amazon Cloud Drive, Box and OwnCloud to its extensive group of services. As businesses are increasingly leveraging the cloud for file storage, WebDrive is being used as a unified access client for the numerous cloud and on-premise options that organizations utilize. 

This release adds a new licensing model, giving customers a longer maintenance period at no cost and a wider variety of support options. This model gives customers the flexibility to assure support coverage, with or without the software upgrade process.

Designed for user productivity and accessibility, WebDrive 2016 offers strong benefits to IT management. IT teams can easily roll out and support WebDrive across a large number of desktops with the means to preconfigure user settings. WebDrive 2016 multi-seat licenses can be used on either Mac or PC platforms. A free mobile version is also included.

WebDrive 2016 is available at $39.95 for a single license and as low as $11.40 per seat or less for large corporate licenses. A full-function 20-day free trial is available here.

"The way that businesses interact with files is rapidly evolving," said Michael Ryan, CEO of South River Technologies. "As companies balance the cost effectiveness of cloud storage, with the need to maintain in-house applications, WebDrive is the solution that provides a unified interface for accessing files in any location, from any device."

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South River Technologies, or SRT, is an innovator in secure file management software. The company's software allows users to access, manage, and share files over the internet in order to automate and streamline business processes and to improve productivity. SRT pioneered the internet drive mapping technology used in WebDrive, which enhances customers' existing applications. Customers in 135 countries use SRT's software to make remote file access and collaboration more efficient for their customers, partners, and distributed workforce. For more information, please visit

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