REDWOOD CITY, CA--(Marketwired - Jan 26, 2016) - Twin Prime, a pioneer in mobile content delivery, has joined the Amazon Partner Network ("APN") to provide mobile app acceleration services to companies using Amazon's cloud services, including Amazon CloudFront ("CloudFront"). CloudFront is a content delivery service that integrates with other Amazon Web Services ("AWS") products to give developers an easy way to distribute content to end users. Millions of businesses around the world use AWS and CloudFront, and these companies will now have access to Twin Prime's mobile acceleration service via the APN network.

Twin Prime's acceleration service can help Amazon's customers speed their mobile apps, while maintaining a consistent user experience. Content Delivery Networks ("CDNs") such as CloudFront do not solve for mobile content delivery, as they do not focus on the wireless last mile where up to 90% of mobile latency resides.

"We are excited to be partnering with Amazon, bringing our service to the millions of companies globally who utilize their AWS and CloudFront services," said Kartik Chandrayana, co-founder and CEO of Twin Prime.

Twin Prime uses machine learning to analyze real time network data, to deliver content up to 300% faster at any location, device and network. Twin Prime accelerates traffic over the wireless last mile, by using machine learning algorithms to continually update and maintain a global mobile performance heat map.

"CDNs were built for the wired internet, but mobile phones don't have wires. Twin Prime solves last-mile network latency, where CDNs don't touch," said Mr. Chandrayana. "AWS customers, especially those on CloudFront will now have end-to-end capability to solve their content delivery needs, whether on desktops or on mobile devices."

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About Twin Prime
Twin Prime, a pioneer in mobile content delivery, makes mobile apps up to 300% faster on both cellular and Wi-Fi networks. Our technology is reimagining networking for mobile by using machine learning to create and continually update a heatmap of all wireless networks and devices in the world. We know how networks are architected, how device model, app workload and other factors like location, time-of-day, congestion etc. affect performance for every user, and use this data to craft and execute optimizations in real time to make mobile apps fast and consistent worldwide. These optimizations are content agnostic, don't rely on caching, compression or content modification, and enable Twin Prime customers to engage their users by delivering high quality content, even over secure protocols like HTTPS. Our technology is proven at scale with Fortune 50, start-up "unicorns" and other globally recognized apps. Today we see hundreds of millions of app sessions a month and our heat map tracks traffic from over 150 countries, 3,600 network operators and across 12,000 device models. Connect with Twin Prime: and follow on Twitter: @twinprimeinc.

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